What Is The Operation Guides Of Liposonix?

What Is The Operation Guides Of Liposonix?

To learn the operation of liposonix is very useful. So, what is the operation guides of liposonix? Here are the guides:

  1. To select appropriate emitter according to thefat thickness of guest, install the emitter into the Handpiece.
  2. Insert the plug of Power supply line into socket, turn on Power switch.
  3. “Depth(cm)” indicate current emitter installed in handpiece emit depth in the fat tissue.The emitter focused depth has option 0.8/1.3cm for option.
  4. “Current site” indicate the dots data when is in processing
  5. “Fluence(Joules/cm2)” indicate output focused ultrasonic energy fluence. The system default is 30Joules/cm2, Click on “Fluence(Joules/cm2)” icon, the system enter interface. Click on”+” and”-” to adjust, the range is 30 Joules/cm2 (weak) to 75 Joules/cm2 (strong). Generally the setting energy fluence under the maximum endurance of guest.
  6. “Cartridge Sites Remaining” indicate current emitter working times left. the Emitter(Consumable) rated for times. When it display “0” indicate the emitter is out of work time.
  7. Connect Emitter,press “Ready” ,and then treatment control.
  8. Press the [5] Emit starting button, the handpiece do not Work. Click on”Stand by” icon, the icon change to “Ready”, press the [5] Emit starting button once, the emitter emit once. ( Attention: DO NOT emit without enough gel, otherwise will cause emitter damaged).
  9. ” Treatment Pattem ” indicate emitter emit style. Select control mode must be in stand by status. The system default is whole style, 576 emit sites The side fat of waist less than 2.5cm, should use Edge emit style“   ” and“   ”Navel special ”.
  10. ” Current site” indicate emitter focused sites. The current sites is ” 0″ if no emit. Duringworking status, the whole style maximum focused sites is 576.
  11. Control mode interface display “Depth(cm) 1.3 “and ” Cartridge Sites Remaining 500 “The emitter emit once, the Cartridge Sites Remaining timesdecreasing.

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