IPL Hair Removal System PL-307

 IPL Hair Removal System

IPL hair removal system stands for ‘intense pulse light’ system, and unlike laser hair removal machines, it uses different wavelengths to target pigment within the hair. Once the light reaches the pigment, it’s heated to a level that kills the growing cells, eradicating the hair. Professional IPL hair removal system uses advanced science and ipl technology to destroy the hair melanin in the hair follicles to force hair follicles to be dormant and prevent hair regrowth to get permanent results.

IPL Hair Removal System PL-307
IPL Hair Removal System PL-307

Buy IPL Hair Removal System PL-307

The professional IPL hair removal System PL-307 uses pulsating light technology, applied in a single gliding motion across the skin’s surface with a lower thermal output. This provides even coverage of the treatment area and ensures that the treatment is painless with no downtime for the client. The two handpieces, SSR and SHR, and pre-programmed settings make it easy and convenient to use. Its lightweight and compact design make it very versatile and perfect for mobile salons and those with space constraints.

Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR) actively lifts and tightens the skin and can treat pigmentation, age spots, sun damage, acne, fine lines, and broken veins.

Super Hair Removal (SHR) targets hair that has previously been difficult to treat providing a superior hair removal treatment. In-Motion technology ensures a faster treatment time with faster, long-term results.


  • Big spot size treatment tip 10*50mm, the energy is better-distributed and will finish the treatment within some minutes, more comfortable, safer, and faster.
  • In-Motion Technology
  • IPL machine with wheels, more delicate and easier to move.
  • HR mode can do hair removal effectively.
  • E-Light (IPL & RF) handpiece-professional design, can prolong its using life twice or 3 times than traditional handpiece.
  • Two handpieces for ease of use: one for SSR and one for SHR
  • Painless hair removal & skin rejuvenation
  • The US imported lamps which makes sure millions of shots.
  • Integrated cooling system

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What Is IPL?

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a kind of light with high energy and broad wavelength, within the range from 420nm to 1200nm. Photothermic and photochemical action will be triggered by the radiation of IPL. On one hand, IPL will promote collagen reproducing and recombining which makes the skin more flexible and smooth. On the other hand, IPL with long wavelengths can easily pass through the epidermis layer and be absorbed selectively in priority by pathological pigments which will be destroyed by high heat and get the effect of removing pigmentations, vascular lesions, and unwanted hair.

How does IPL Treatment work?

IPL(Intense Pulsed Light) adopts the principle that substance absorbs light selectively. As different target tissues absorb pulsed light with different spectra and the light acts on pigment. Through photothermal and actinism, the IPL machine could dispel pigment, concrete blood vessels, burn the hair follicle and stimulate the collagen to regenerate, then it will achieve the aim of dispelling speckles, treating telangiectasis, removing hair, and rejuvenating skin. Because normal skin absorbs little energy, the treatment is safe!

Before Pulsed Light Session: The hair is healthy with exhibiting regular growth.
Before Pulsed Light Session: The hair is healthy exhibiting regular growth.

During Pulsed Light For Unwanted Hair Removal: Flash light mixed with sound is taken in by the hairs and hair growth is prevented.
During Pulsed Light For Unwanted Hair Removal: Flashlight mixed with sound is taken in by the hairs and hair growth is prevented.

Instantly After Pulsed Light Energy is taken in by the hairs, the other tissue wil keep at a cool temperature so now hair removal is abtained.
Instantly After Pulsed Light Energy is taken in by the hairs, the other tissue will keep at a cool temperature so now hair removal is obtained.

IPL Treatment:

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

IPL hair removal system PL-307 penetrates through the epidermis into the dermis and is high-selectively absorbed by the melanin in hair and hair follicles, producing a photothermal effect, conducting the energy from the hair section to the hair root, rising the temperature of melanin rapidly and decomposing it, thus reaching the effect of hair removal.

  • Hair removal.
  • Depilation.
  • Permanent hair removal.
  • ipl permanent hair reduction.

For those who want to remove unwanted body hair, this is the solution with salon-quality results, this ipl is a perfect choice( Both Women/Men).

Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal
Intense Pulsed Light Hair Removal

Skin Rejuvenation

An intense pulsed light hair removal system activates fibroblasts to produce new collagen and elastic fibers consequently smoothing skin and returning elasticity to the skin. At the same time, a photothermal effect produced by IPL enhances blood vessels’ function and microcirculation, thus reaching the effect of photo-skin rejuvenation.

IPL skin rejuvenation is a noninvasive skin care procedure that uses high-powered pulses of light to improve the appearance of the skin.

IPL Skin Rejuvenation
IPL Skin Rejuvenation

Acne Treatment

The special spectrum of  IPL penetrates the skin and is absorbed by porphyrin, stimulating porphyrin to release monomorphism oxyanion which kills propionibacterium acne effectively.

  • Remove acne on the face and body effectively.
  • A gentle treatment that addresses both the p.acne bacteria, as well as the pigmentation and redness of your skin.
  • It’s a fast “lunch-time” treatment with no downtime and fewer side effects than oral medication.
  • Improve your skin appearance and gain your confidence back with just a few treatments

Acne Treatment
Acne Treatment

Pigment Treatment

IPL treats the skin with quick and powerful flashes of light. The light energy then penetrates below the skin’s surface, where the unwanted brown pigment (melanin) lives. The heat breaks down this pigment into tiny particles, which either rise to the skin’s surface as scabs (naturally sloughing away within a week or so), or get carried away by the body’s lymphatic system.

  • Freckle
  • Deep-seated speckle
  • Cuticular speckle
  • Corium speckle
  • Age pigment and chloasma

Pigment Treatment
Pigment Treatment

Vascular Treatment

The goal of treating vascular lesions with IPL is to raise the blood vessel temperature high enough to cause its coagulation, leading to its destruction and replacement by fibrous granulation tissue.

Vascular Treatment
Vascular Treatment



User-friendly Display Screen, easy for operation

There are 2 modes for IPL hair removal system PL-307 operation interface, SSR mode, and SHR mode.

1. SHR mode is super hair removal which is fast hair reduction treatment.
2. SSR mode is skin rejuvenation.

2 Modes
2 modes for IPL hair removal system PL-307

Super Hair Removal (SHR)
Super Hair Removal (SHR)

Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR)
Super Skin Rejuvenation (SSR)

Intuitive and easy-to-learn user-friendly Interface

If you want to know more about the detailed IPL Hair Removal Machine, Please directly CONTACT US

Well designed handpiece

SHR Handle
SHR Handle

SHR Handle

  • Spot Size: 15*50mm
  • Fixed Wavelength: 640nm

SSR Handle
SSR Handle

SSR Handle

  • Spot Size: 15*50mm
  • Replaceable Wavelength: 430nm, 480nm, 530nm, 560nm, 590nm, 640nm

Plug & Play Technology

IPL machine for sale PL-307 features USA imported “Plug & Play” handpiece connector which translates into reliable energy and long-lasting machines capable of continuous work in busy clinics or beauty salons.

Due to its Plug & Play technology, no setup after transportation is required – PL-307 is immediately ready for use.

Plug & Play Technology
Plug & Play Technology

Technical Specifications

Light SourceIntense Pulsed Light
Screen Display10.4-inch colorful touchscreen
Wavelength480-1200nm, 530-1200nm, 640-1200nm
RF Power0-50J/cm2
SSR/SHR Power1-50J/cm2
SSR Pulse Width1-15ms
SSR Pulse Interval5-50ms
Spot Size15*50mm
SSR Pulse2-4
SHR Frequency1-5Hz
SHR Pulse1
Gross weight50KG
Cooling SystemWater cooling, air cooling, semiconductor
Cooling Temperature-5 ℃

The PrettyLaser IPL Solution

PrettyLasers provides a unique IPL solution with optimal efficacy, safety, ease of use, 15*50mm big spot size design for instant hair removal professionally, and user-friendly software design.

  • Adjustable pulse technology gives users the ability to control the pulse shape. It provides reproducible results as well as gentler, more comfortable treatments.
  • Professional handpiece with Expert Mode and Advising Mode enables ipl treatment of a variety of conditions with a single, versatile, and cost-effective handpiece.

IPL Hair Removal Treatment Video

IPL hair removal is one of the most advanced methods of getting rid of body hair. Watch this video to learn how IPL hair removal works.

IPL benefits the skin primarily by destroying compounds that cause hyperpigmentation and redness, and by encouraging collagen formation. These two functions help:

  • Reduce skin discolorations such as freckles, birthmarks, age spots, and sun spots
  • Rid the skin of vascular lesions such as broken capillaries and spider veins
  • Tighten and smooth skin
  • Reduce wrinkles and pore size
  • Reduce facial redness resulting from rosacea
  • Improve the appearance of scars

IPL Treatment Results Before & After Pictures

Acne Removal
Acne Removal

Leg Hair Removal
Leg Hair Removal

Face Rejuvenation
Face Rejuvenation

Freckles & Sun Spots Removal
Freckles & Sun Spots Removal

Pore Shrinking
Pore Shrinking

Vascular Lesions Treatment
Vascular Lesions Treatment

What are the advantages of E-light?

What are the advantages of E-light?
What are the advantages of E-light?

  1. Higher total combined energy can be delivered without the risk of epidermal damage.
  2. Professional E-light Skin Care Beauty System.
  3. Safer on darker skin types than IPL alone.
  4. 430nm Wavelength – acne treatment
  5. 480nm Wavelength – acne, folliculitis, acne printing, remove stretch marks
  6. 590nm Wavelength – Red blood: red face, expanded capillary, hereditary and postained red blood.
  7. 640nm Wavelength – Shallow hair/ thick black hair: arm, underarm, lip, hairline, etc.
  8. 530/560nm Wavelength – freckles, chloasma, elderly spot, leather spot, hepatic spots. Wrinkle removal; whitening and rejuvenation. 560nm deeper into the skin layer.
  9. Mode: Expert Mode, Advising Mode.
  10. High efficiency for skin rejuvenation.
  11. Three advanced technologies: Bipolar Radio Frequency + IPL + skin contact cooling.
  12. Different spot sizes are suitable for different area treatments.
  13. Expert system with skin type and skin color selectable.
  14. Ability to treat lighter hair.

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IPL Hair Removal Reviews

Is IPL hair removal the same as laser hair removal?

A broad spectrum of light

Technically, IPL is not the same as laser hair removal. IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light which involves a broad spectrum of light, while lasers involve the use of only one wavelength of light.

Effective hair removal

In practical terms, laser hair removal is very effective as it can alter the hair follicle itself. It is thus more permanent and fewer treatments are required. However, as the laser needs to target the hairs one by one, it is usually more expensive.

Laser hair removal costs are more expensive.

IPL machine for sale generally requires more treatments in order to remove hair permanently. On the other hand, it can be cheaper overall than laser treatments. Learn More IPL VS Laser…

Who Should Try IPL?

IPL machine for sale is perfect for younger patients who are starting to see early pigmentation, minor wrinkling, or uneven tone but don’t want or need an intensive resurfacing treatment that requires time off work.

If you have naturally tanned or dark skin, make sure you consult with an experienced physician, as the risk of complications, i.e. burning or permanent pigmentation changes, is much higher.

How many sessions are needed?

5 – 6 sessions may be needed over an interval of 4 – 6 weeks for optimal results. Results depend on the areas treated and individual response to treatment.

Where are the areas suitable for IPL and Laser hair removal?

  • Upper lip
  • Armpits
  • Legs
  • Bikini line
  • Brazilian

Does it hurt?

Most people find the whole procedure comfortable and virtually pain-free.

What to Expect at an IPL Treatment?

Before you start your IPL treatment, make sure you don’t have a tan—even a fake one—as that’ll mess with the machine’s ability to target the brown pigment. If you use Retin-A, you should stop it a week or two before your session to prevent extra sensitivity.

The cosmetician will place the IPL handpiece against your skin and you will feel a quick snap. It goes so deep, you can even tingling feeling

It takes about 20 minutes for the cosmetician to cover your entire face with the device, working inch by inch and in quadrants—cheeks, chin, forehead. The procedure is over so quickly, it’s really not that bad. Then your cosmetician will wipe off the slimy gel and apply sunscreen. You can put on makeup right away.

Difference between Brazilian and Bikini Hair Removal?

A Brazilian hair removal treatment involves the removal of almost all pubic hair, leaving a strip on the pubic bone. On the other hand, bikini hair removal involves the removal of all hair up to 4 inches outside the panty line. The Brazilian hair removal ensures a smooth and hair-free look in all lingerie and swimwear. The bikini line hair removal, however, limits certain styles and is best suited for bikini-style underwear or swimwear. Both options can be customized for the individual’s preference.

What Are the Common Side Effects of IPL?

Common side effects of IPL include redness, swelling, and discomfort – symptoms similar to a sunburn. Other side effects include blistering, hair loss, and unusually light or dark patches of skin. Approximately 10% of patients also experience bruising.

All of these side effects are temporary and resolve within one week of treatment.

How Much Does ipl Machine Cost?

The prices of some instruments can be as low as 3000 USD or less, while the newest, high-tier systems may cost as much as 60 000 USD. Well-known brands of ipl machines in the United States are Lumenis, Palomar, and Venus. Outside of the US, top-selling brands are Scition and Quanta System.

Buy new ipl machines. You can find a large range of IPL photo epilation equipment at a fair price on the PrettyLasers web pages. If you want to know the professional IPL hair removal System PL-307 Price, please directly fill in the below form: Or simply call Phone: +0086 15001300057. Or WhatsApp

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