New Laser Hair Removal Machine

diode laser hair removal device
New laser hair removal machine

New Laser Hair Removal Machine

New laser hair removal machine PL-307N for all skin types. 808nm laser PL-307X allows fast repetition rates up to 10Hz(10 pulses-per-second), with in-motion treatment, fast hair removal for big area treatment. PL-307X provides 25 working modes, which are five modes for men and five modes for women, the men or women mode includes face, arm, chest, Bikini and leg mode respectively for different treatment part.  The difference for each mode is only the default paramter, but all parameters for each mode can be adjustable in the parameter range.


  • Exculsive chip array technology.
  • Medical professional power supply.
  • Large spot size for quick treatment.
  • Strong TEC + Sapphire Contact continuous cooling system.
  • Intuitive, user friendly LCD Touchscreen.
  • I-VI skin tones and tanned skin.

What’s the best laser hair removal machine?

The best professional laser hair removal machine PL-307X features the optimal wavelength 808nm which has long been considered the gold standard for permanent hair reduction.The best laser hair removal machine PL-307X uses the principle of selective photothermolysis to target specific chromophores in the skin, from the hair shaft down to the follicle, usaully melanin or blood. The lasers damage the chromophores by selectively heating them while leaving surrounding tissue unharmed. When treating unwanted hair, such as, the melanin in the hair follicles is targeted and damaged which results in the disruption of hair growth and regeneration. The PL-307X can be complemented by TEC+Sapphire contact cooling technology method to improve treatment efficacy and patient comfort. These unique characteristics make the laser the most suitable and best technology for laser hair removal, enabling safe and effective treatment of all skin and hair types inculuding the tanned skin.


Medical Professional Power Supply

In addition to the high efficiency up to 89%, with the built-in long life fan,  Our power supply can work under ~25+70℃ with full load. Delivering an extremly low no load consumption (less than 0.75 watt), it allows the end system to easily meet the worldwide energy requirement. Our medical professional power supply has the complete protection functions and 5G anti-vibration capability. it is complied with the internationl safety regulations such as UL60950-1.

diode laser hair removal device

Germany Imported Laser Chips

Germany imported laser chips- every laser chip is 150 watt, which highly improve the efficacy, making the laser hair removal more effectively.

Refrigeration system without compressor

The powerful water-cooling heat dissipation, combined with air cooled heat dissipation and large capacity water tank, ensures that the laser in the handpiece can be used to release heat and safely use. The TEC+ Sapphire system makes the treatment more cool and comfortable.

diode laser hair removal device


diode laser hair removal device

Advanced TEC + Sapphire Contact Cooling

Advanced TEC + Sapphire contact cooling provides epidermal protection for treatment areas requiring precision and higher flence.Temperature remains controlled and constant which contributes to the diode’s efficiency. Patients can now enjoy a completely pain-free, cool and comfortable experience throughout the session. These unique technolog for pain reduction offers effective and comfrotable treatment.

6 Kind Of Handpiece For Your Option

The hair removal treatemnt handpiece of PrettyLasers defaults to 600 watt. However, the power can be customized according to your detailed needs, the highest can be 1200 watt. The wavelength can be 755nm, 808nm or 1064nm optional or combined. The spot size can be 10*10mm, 15mm*15mm, 15mm*20mm, 15mm*20mm, 20mm*25mm , 25mm*31mm optional.

808 diode laser handlepiece
808 diode laser handlepiece

808 diode laser handlepiece
808 diode laser handlepiece

808 diode laser handlepiece
808 diode laser handlepiece

808 diode laser handlepiece
808 diode laser handlepiece

808 diode laser handlepiece
808 diode laser handlepiece

808 diode laser handlepiece
808 diode laser handlepiece

Intuitive, user friendly LCD Touchscreen

Recommended treatment settings.

Esay operation and fast learning.

The skin types I-VI can be selected.

diode laser hair removal device

Technical Specifications


PL-307X is a laser that produces a larger beam of highly concentrated light. The light emitted is well absorbed by the pigment located in the hair follicles. During the hair removal treatment, the laser pulses for a fraction of a second, allowing the hair to absorb the light and heats up. As it heats up, the hair shaft and bulb are damaged which significantly impedes its ability to re-grow. And with the TEC+ Sapphire Contact cooling, making the procedure more comfortable. And with the large spot size, the process treats numerous hair follicles simultaneously, making the treatment much faster.So PL-307X is the safest and most efficient hair removal treatment available today.

  • Permanently remove lip hair, beard hair, chest hair, armpit hair, limbs hair and unwanted hair on any parts of body. It is suitable for all skin and hair types.
  • Hair reduction
  • Skin rejuvenation and tightening.

The Laser Hair Removal Treatment Before & After Pictures

What’s the difference between IPL and Laser treatment?

ipl vs laser hair removal

IPL hair removal

Intense Pulsed Light (abbreviated IPL) describes the use of intense pulses of non-coherent light distributed over a range of wavelengths; from 550nm to 1200nm. The technology utilizes specific wavelength ranges to target various chromophores in the skin. This enables effective treatment of a broad spectrum of conditions, including vascular and pigmented lesions, skin photoaging treatments and hair removal.

laser hair removal

Lasers produce a single, concentrated wavelength of light to specifically target melanin in the hair. Diode technology typically uses a wavelength around 800 nm to 810 nm. 808nm laser wavelength offers the deepest penetration levels and superior melanin absorption. These unique characteristics make the laser most suitable technoogy for laser hair removal, enabling safe and effectiv treatment of all skin and hair types, in all body areas.

What areas can be treated?

PL-307X removes unwanted facial hair (except around eyes),backs hair, chests hair, arms hair, underarms hair, bikini lines hair and legs hair.

Am I a good candidate for this treatment?

Diode laser hair removal is available for all skin types, including very light and very dark skin, and most hair colors. So you will be a good candidate for this treatment.

How many treatments?

The amount of treatments can vary from person to person but usually 4-6 treatments will give you a reduction of up to 80-90% and then maintenance treatments 2~3 times a year. If there is a hormonal imbalance you may be required for more maintenance treatments.

HOW much time between each treatment?

Depending on the area being treated it can be anywhere from 4-6 weeks in between treatments. The hair growth cycle on the face is usually four weeks while the legs is normally six weeks but this can vary from person to person.

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