Newest Laser Hair Removal PL-205

Newest Laser Hair Removal PL-205
Newest Laser Hair Removal PL-205

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Newest Portable Diode Laser Hair Removal Equipment PL-205

Portable Diode laser body hair removal equipment adopts 808 nm wavelength, particularly effective to hair follicle melanocytes without injury surrounding tissue. The laser light can be absorbed by the hair shaft and hair follicles in the melanin, and converted into heat, thus increasing the hair follicle temperature. When the temperature raises high enough to irreversibly damage the hair follicle structure, which disappears after a period of natural physiological processes of hair follicles and thus achieves the purpose of permanent hair removal for women and body hair removal for men.

The portable body hair removal equipment laser system PL-205 is the specialist for body hair removal for men. With 300w/600w/800w optional, this diode laser is one of the most powerful of its class, allowing it to use a large spot size. The high power allows PL-205 to emit extraordinarily short pulses, effectively targeting hair follicles.


  • A professional custom operating system will make it more convenient to use.
  • A strong sapphire contact cooling system can make momentary epidermal anesthesia, no painless during body hair removal for men and women.
  • Multiple choices of skin colors allow you to better adapt to a variety of situations.
  • 300w/600w/800w optional power for reliable results.
  • Compact design, stable technology.
  • A flexible enough handle piece allows you to reach every corner.
  • Plug & Play – no technician needed.


Skin Cooling:

Strong Sapphire contact cooling system – Integrated contact cooling provides epidermal protection for treatment areas requiring precision and higher fluence.

Laser Bar:

Produced by Jenoptik Diode Lab GmbH/Germany – The high power and durable diode laser bars allow the diode laser machine to emit extraordinarily short pulses, effectively targeting hair follicles.

Handle Tube:

Flexible and durable handle tube imported from Germany

Handle Design:

Perfect light route design, lighting efficacy up to 98%

Laser Body


User-friendly Interface





Portable Diode Laser Internal Structure Details

PL-205 is developed and produced by PrettyLasers, one of the laser hair removal manufacturers in China. You can see the diode laser equipment’s internal structure for your reference.

Water Case And Radiator
Water Case And Radiator

Air Fans
Air Fans

Water Pump
Water Pump

Power Supply
Power Supply

Advantages and Features

If you want to buy laser hair removal equipment, you need to learn information about diode laser equipment. Prettylasers lists the advantages of diode laser equipment PL-205 as follows:

  1. Imported diode lasers bars, output power optional 300W /600W/800W. More assured is the mechanism performance, clinical results, and safety.
  2. More than 20,000,000 shots ensure a longer lifetime than other hair removal machines.
  3. A strong Sapphire contact cooling system can make momentary epidermal anesthesia, no painless during, increase comfort during treatment.
  4. Excellent treatment results can be expected at the first treatment and are suitable to all types of hair
    adjustable long laser pulse width.
  5. Due to its Plug & Play technology, no setup after transportation is required.


Basic Parameters
Output power600W
Display10.4” color touch LCD screen
Spot size12x20mm2
Pulse width20-500ms adjustable
Energy1-100J/cm² adjustable
CoolingWater + air + Semiconductor
Crystal Surface Temperature0~30 degree
Package size82cm*57cm*38cm
VoltageAC 220V/50Hz; AC 110V/60Hz


With uniform energy distribution, deep heating, and In-Motion technique, PL-205 is highly effective for permanent hair removal for women and men.

  • Permanent hair removal for all kinds of color of Hair: Lip hair, beard, chest hair, armpit hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, and unwanted hair outside the bikini line.
  • Suitable for all skin types (I, II, III, IV, V, VI.), no pigmentation, almost no skin scattering, no harm to the skin and sweat glands, no scar, no side-effect
  • International hair removal standard, Fast, High-efficiency
  • Body hair removal for men
  • Permanent hair removal for women
  • Hair reduction

Permanent Hair Removal For Women And Men Before & After Pictures

Leg Depilation
Leg Depilation

Back Hair Reduction
Back Hair Reduction

Armpit Hair Removal
Armpit Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal FAQ

What is an 808NM DIODES LASER HAIR REMOVAL machine?

808nm diode laser is the best wavelength for hair removal, which could penetrate the epidermis to reach the dermis and subcutaneous fat tissue. Diode laser hair removal technology is based on the selective dynamics of light and heat for the treatment, to cool down the epidermis before, during, and after treatment, ensuring a safe & comfortable procedure and good hair removal result. The 808 nm diode laser adopts a particular pressure treatment process, which could temporarily block the blood vessel, to avoid energy focusing on melanin in hair ellocile. The 810nm diode laser system is well known as the golden standard for hair removal.

810nm diode laser
810nm diode laser

Why choose portable diode laser hair removal equipment PL-205?

The portable diode laser body hair removal equipment PL-205 is the specialist for body hair removal for men and women. With 500W, this laser system is one of the most powerful of its class, allowing it to use a large spot size.  Particularly effective to hair follicle melanocytes without injury to surrounding tissue. PL-205 is lightweight with a compact design. The diode laser system can thus be used in different rooms or offices. Thanks to its Plug & Play technology, no setup after transportation is required-PL-205 is immediately ready for use.

  • Flexible, Transportable laser system, PLUG & PLAY
  • Compact design, stable technology, low running costs
  • Safe for Dark Skin
  • Long durability with a stable energy source
  • No downtime and no side effects
  • Virtually painless – The only clinically proven hair removal method that is virtually painless.


Replace the handle piece in just seconds, “Plug & Play” no need for a technician without any system downtime.

Greater Return on investment

PL-205 ensures a greater return on investment in a shorter time due to more than 20,000,000 shots ensuring a longer lifetime than other hair removal machines, no consumables, and a low-maintenance system.

Is the PL-205 hair removal treatment painful?

The PL-205 offers in-motion technology which is virtually painless and effective.

How many treatments for 1 session?

The hair life cycle is divided into 3 phases, Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen. Anagen is the best time for destroying the roots of the hair. Hair in the Catagen and Telogen phases can’t be completely destroyed because the laser can’t act on their root effectively. So to remove hair completely, 1 session needs 3-5 times treatments.

Is laser hair removal suitable for everyone?

People with the following conditions should not receive laser hair removal treatment: allergy or scar diathesis, hepatitis/syphilis/skin infection, blood diseases, and coagulation disorders, during the menstrual period, recent use of vasodilator/ joint pain medication, allergy to bleach, keloid diathesis, having received other hair removal methods within 6 weeks, and dark skin.

Will laser hair removal damage the skin?

Some must say, “When the hairs are removed with laser, it will surely burn the skin, because such a heavy amount of laser light is shot at the skin”. It is right to think so, but nowadays laser equipment is equipped with a cooling device on the treatment head. Diode Laser Handlepeice with cooling technology will cool the surrounding skin as it opens the hair follicles. It will not burn the skin, as long as it is operated correctly.

When is a good time for laser hair removal?

Summer is the season to expose your arms and legs and to show off your smooth skin. As stated earlier, laser hair removal needs at least two months, so it is better to start in the spring, even winter in some difficult cases. Then you will have a worry-free summer when the weather gets hot.

Is there any side effect associated with laser hair removal?

No. Many people may think of radiation when they hear about lasers, but rest assured, as medically used lasers is not harmful to the human body. Besides, laser hair removal only damages the hair follicles to stop hair growth, and it does no damage to other skin tissues of the human body.

Is laser hair removal expensive? How much will it cost?

The cost of laser hair removal will vary depending on the area of treatment, but in principle, the larger the area, the higher the cost.

Our Service

  1. 2 years warranty, lifetime maintenance
  2. Response within 24hours
  3. Operation manual and CD
  4. Face-to-face operation training

OEM Service

  • LOGO is available on the machine or start screen as your request
  • A special outer shell also can be designed.
  • Unique package.

If you want to buy laser hair removal equipment or know more details, please directly contact us

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