Diode Laser Epilation Machine

Diode Laser Epilation Machine PL-301D
Diode Laser Epilation Machine PL-301D

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Diode Laser Epilation Machine PL-301D

Stronger, faster, smarter, more durable diode laser epilation machine PL-301D equipped lasted technology non channel chips handle. The water flow will not pass through the chip system, and the chip will never be burned due to the adhesion of impurities in the water. Due to its large spot size and advanced cooling system, epilation treatments are now much faster and pain free – offering a significant improved solution for patients and practitioners alike.


  • High power-450 watt power to enhance clinical effect.
  • Life Span-20,000,000 shots can reach, 3-5 times longer lifetime than channel diode laser.
  • Four Kinds Of Spot Sizes-10mm*10mm /15mm*15mm/ 15mm*20mm /20mm*25mm for your option. Squared big spot size could prompt the treatment speed.
  • Powerful cooling effect-Real Sapphire contact cooling system,maximum protect epidermis from hurting skin,ensure comfortable experience in whole clinic treatment process.
  • Self protection System.

How Diode Laser Epilation Machine Works?

The laser epilation machine uses the optimal hair removal wavelength of 808nm diode for deep penetration into the dermis where the hair follicle is located. In treatment procedure, a series of low fluence, high repetition pulses increases the temperature of both the hair follicle and the surrounding, nourishing tissue to 45 degree Celsius. This more gradual heat delivery uses the chromophores into the surround tissue as reservoirs to effectively heat up the hair follicle. This, along with the heat energy absorbed directly by the hair follicle, damages the follicle and prevents re-growth. So diode laser epilation machine is the best diode laser for hair removal.


Germany Imported Laser Chips

  • Highest efficient: Due to their high efficiency.
  • Powerful: High, reliable output power and ideal beam characteristics.
  • Robust and durable: Repairs and maintenance are rarely required.

Germany Imported Laser Chips
Germany Imported Laser Chips

Optimal wavelength 808nm

The classic wavelength in laser hair removal, the 808 nm wavelength, has long been considered the gold standard technology for permanent hair reduction therapy. The 808 nm has a moderate melanin absorption level making it safe for darker skin types. Its deep penetration capabilities target the Bulge and Bulb of the hair follicle while moderate tissue depth penetration makes it ideal for treating the arms, legs, cheeks and beard.

Intuitive Touchscreen

  • Intuitive color touchscreen- fast learning and easy operation.
  • Reommended treatments settings.
  • Customized hair removal treatment.
  • Hair removal for women and men.
  • Language : Different for Choice
  • Different treatment area: Forehead, face, armpit, leg
808nm Diode Laser Main Interface
808nm Diode Laser Main Interface

Diode Laser Hair Removal For Woman And Man
Diode Laser Hair Removal For Woman And Man

Reommended Treatments Settings
Reommended Treatments Settings

Strong Cooling Effect

Real Sapphire contact cooling system,maximum protect epidermis from hurting skin, ensure comfortable experience in whole clinic treatment process.

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Strong Cooling Effect
Strong Cooling Effect

Technical Spcifications

Diode Laser Epilation Machine
Wavelength808nm755nm, 808nm, 1064nm optional
Working Frequency1~10HzMaximum frequency 20 Hz
Energy Density1-120J/cm² adjustableOEM is ok
Handlepiece coolingTEC+SapphireSapphire OEM
TEC cooling12V6ATEC Power OEM
Spot size15cm×15cm or 25 x31mmSpot Size OEM
Output Power600w, 900wLaser power OEM
Laser BarsGermany laser Jenoptik,150W/piece
Pulse Width5ms~400ms0~1000ms OEM
Output ModePulse OutputPulse Output
LanguageStandard EnglishCan be made according to customer’s requirements
Display8’ color touch screen10.4’ is available
Protective Temperature55℃ interface selectOEM
Water PumpDP-60 diaphragm rods 12V
Flow Sensor3.5L/min flow requirement
Cooling System240×120 cooling line(2pc),18 pcs channelCompressor plan,TEC plan
Cooling Fan4pcs fans,speed 3150r/min12v fans
Case MaterialABS shell/metal shellOEM Metal Shell
Inter StructureWhite zinc hob/color zinc hobOEM
Water Tank Volumevertical3.6L/table type 2.5LOEM
Environmental Moisture<80%<80%
Environment TemperatureAir conditioning room,temperature≤28℃


With uniform energy distribution, deep heaitng and best diode laser hair removal machine is uniquely effective for long-term hair removal. Getting rid of unwanted hair is an age-old issue, with long-term hair removal being particularly challenging.

PrettyLasers’ best diode laser for hair removal uses non-channel technology to offer a simple, one-stop solution for truely effective hair removal.

Simultaneous contact cooling prevents burns and allows for more comfortable treatment and a large spot size handlpiece allows you to treat large areas in less time.

Whether you have light, dark or tanned skin, coarse or fine hair, PrettyLasers’ epilation soultions achieve maximum resutls for all areas of full body hair removal treatments that are quick, safe and comfortable. So it is the best laser epilation machine.

  • Treat all kind of hair color from black hair to light hair removal.
  • Treat all skin types from white to dark skin.
  • No pain and shorter treatment sessions.
  • Effective and safe treatment for permanent hair removal.
  • Skin rejuvenation.


Laser Hair Removal Results Before & After

Chest Hair Removal
Chest Hair Removal

Armpit Hair Reduction For Female
Armpit Hair Reduction For Female

Diode Laser Epilation Treatment
Diode Laser Epilation Treatment

What’s the latest technology of Diode Laser Epilation Machine PL-301D used ?

The Latest Technology of Diode Laser Epilation Machine PL-301D
The Latest Technology of Diode Laser Epilation Machine PL-301D

The Lasted technology – Non channel chips handle

The Diode Laser Epilation Machine PL-301D utilizes upgraded technology Non-Channel instead of micro-channel or macro-channel handle .

Because of special chips arrangement non-channel handle can take up the water temperature 55℃, while both micro and macro channels can only take maximum 35℃. The Left picture is the different layout of non-channel for you.

What’s more, Non-channel handle support the maximum current 130 A. Micro-channel and macro-channel can only take 60A and 40A respectively.

For that reason the upgraded diode laser ensures longer working hours than other technologies on the market., and you never will have to suffer from the handle-burning problems again and again!



Steady energy is achived by:

  1. German micro-channel/non-channel laser bars, super energy, permanent hair removal.
  2. Water filter; Copper radiator; High speed DC pump made inItaly; TEC cooling system for best cooling system.


Multiple Spot Size Optional

The repetition rate from 1HZ to10HZ 1-10pulses per second(adjustable) with mutiple spot sizes: 10*10mm²,15*15mm², 15*20mm², 20x25mm², 25x31mm².

“IN-Motion” Intelligent Mode

(prettylasers.com) PrettyLasers’s diode laser hair removal use the “IN-Motion” intelligent mode to bring the fastest treatment speed to 10 shots per second. It’s fast especially for body hair removal.

Strong TEC +Sapphire Cooling

Diode laser hair removal system also adopts Thermo-electric cooling (TEC) and real sapphire, which get amazing contact cooling. It is really pain-free laser machine. You will get most comfortable treatment.

Multiple Spot Size Optional
Multiple Spot Size Optional

Painless, No down time

  1. 3-4 times per cycle to permanently removal hair.
  2. Suitable for 6 skin type and any parts of body.
  3. High power and high energy, short treatment time(about 20minutes for arm), shorten the course of treatment.

Easy Operation

TEC Cooling Technology

We are using TEC cooling system for water tanks and TEC for sapphire in hand piece , so you can get 24 hour working with machine.

Intelligent Mode Design

Auto intelligent mode design for users with different presets for different patients, so that safety and efficiency isn’t compromised.

How effective is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal results are guaranteed. The laser hair removal effectiveness lies in how regularly the procedure can be administered. Laser treatment for hair removal is one of the most common cosmetic procedure patronized mostly by women.

How many laser treatments to remove unwanted hair?

A series of 5 treatments that is how many treatments for laser hair removal a person should ideally get.

How long does laser hair removal last on the face?

Laser facial hair removal often lasts as long as eight weeks. After that, you might see some regrowth.

How to prepare for your hair removal treatments with best diode laser hair removal machine?

First of all, you must decide on the area of interest for the procedure. Laser removal can be done in variety of areas of your body such as the face, legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, and a few other areas. Certain facilities will only touch certain areas for this procedure.

Taking care of the skin is the most important thing. Six weeks prior to treatment, avoid plucking, waxing, shaving, or any hair removal to the area the procedure will be performed. During this time, avoiding sun exposure would be beneficial. Exposure can lessen the effectiveness of the procedure and possibly complicate it.

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