How To Operate Liposonix Of HIFU Liposonix Machine?

How To Operate Liposonix Of HIFU Liposonix Machine?

How to operate Liposonix ? Correctly using liposonix is very important and essential. let us introduce the detailed steps:

  1. Clean the skin. Let the skin have more moisture.
  2. Take a photo before treatment, and compare the effect after treatment.
  3. Check fat thickness if enough to 2.5 cm, confirm if the guest suit for using this machine. According to the different thickness of fat to select the corresponding emitter. Then installed the emitter to handpiece.
    Fat ThicknessOver 2.3cmOver 1.8cm
  4. Put the matrix ruler on abdomen, use cosmetic pencil drawing the nursing area.
  5. Applying plenty gel on black conductive film of emitter and nursing parts as couplant between emitter and skin.
  6. Click on“Stand by” in interface“Emitter selection” or click on“Treatment control” to enter interface as(Fig3), Click on“Stand by” button on status bar, the system is ready to work. The system default control mode is whole style. Under“Stand by” status, according to fat thickness and treated parts select different style, total ten types. Set energy fluence [30 Joules/cm2(weak) to 75 Joules/cm2 (strong)].
  7. The system in“Ready” state, Beautician hold the handpiece, the black conductive film against the skin, press[Fig5]Emit starting button on handpiece once, the current sites begin count.
  8. The whole style control mode is 576 focused sites. During emitting, do not move the handpiece or make the emitter leaving skin. When emit finished, there is warning tone and indicator in handpiece (Turn on is Blue, remitting energy is red flashing). Beautician could move the handpiece to next part continue operating this moment when it is Blue.
  9. During emitting process, if need pause, press[5] or Pause button under right Corner of touchscreen.
  10. During operating process, When the coupling or gel feel dry, press [6] Spray liquid button to spray liquid. Spray liquid function can operate under “Ready” state only. Can not spray in stand by state.
  11. During the process of nursing, to observe the guest and instrument, always pay attention to whether there is abnormalsituation
  12. After operation, wipe the handpiece and emitter gently with a soft cloth. and put the handpiece back to frame.


  • The energy fluence can not adjust while emitter working to avoid dangerous.
  • Do NOT operate without couplant or without gel.
  • The emitter cannot emit if not on skin, so as to avoid damaged emitter parts. Before emitting must ensure the black conductive film daubing uniform medium.

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