How To lnstall The Emitter Of Liposonix?

How To lnstall The Emitter Of Liposonix?

How to install the emitter of liposonix? Correct installation emitter is very important for effectively using HIFU Liposonix Mchine PL-F112. Let us show your detailed steps for your reference as follows:

1.Take the emitter out of the packing box. Please keep the transparent packaging box well for testing emitter fault(emitter box of different types are different, not universal).

2.lnstall the emitter, as figure guide:

(1).Handle the emitter and handpiece according to the figure direction. One hand holding the handpiece, the other hand holding the emitter.


(2).lnsert the jointed arm in handpiece into the jointed arm fixed hole in the emitter; Aim the handpiecesocket at the emitter plug; Aim the locking columns in handpiece and emitter. lnstall the handlepiece and emitter tightly. The handle and emitter is installed.

3.Replace the emitter, as the figure guide:


ATTENTION: The emitter just can replaced when 576 dots finished, can not change it when it is working or Not finished 576 dots.

(1)One hand holding the handpiece, the other hand grasp the emitter.

(2)According to the arrow direction, pull out the emitter from handpiece.


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