How To Remove Facial Hair With Laser Hair Removal Machine?

How To Remove Facial Hair With Laser Hair Removal Machine?

If you want remove the unwanted facial hair much more permanently, you can try laser hair removal, also known as intense pulse light therapy.


“Lasers shoot a certain 808nm wavelength of light that’s specifically absorbed by the hair follicle itself,” says Dr. Krishnan.

When that light is absorbed, it’s converted into heat which kills the hair follicle.

The Advantages:

The advantage this method is treating a larger portion at a time, while electrolysis is individually ablating one follicle at a time — think waxing versus plucking.

The Downsides:

The downsides: Electrolysis isn’t an ideal route for those with light or fine hairs, and the cost is high, with sessions ranging from $50 to $300. Plus, you may need several sessions to fully destroy the follicles.

If you’re experiencing some sticker-shock, there is another option: home use diode lasers. While you’ll pay more upfront, you can do the sessions at-home on your own schedule and you only have to invest in the device once. Our Beauty Lab experts recommend the portable diode laser hair removal machines.

Unlike other at-home laser hair-removal devices, which are safe or effective for many skin and hair colors, this uses technology previously only available professionally. That means it’ll work for anyone looking for permanent hair removal results on their face and body.

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