How Effective Is IPL Hair Removal?

How Effective Is IPL Hair Removal?

There is no doubt that IPL is a very effective method of permanent hair removal, specifically for skin types 1 to 6. A broad band of light is transmitted by the device targeting the area under treatment. The energy penetrates the skin and travels to the follicle or root of the hair. But IPL is less effective than laser hair removal.

The papilla which is the hair producing agent is thereby destroyed. This is the reason for permanent hair removal through use of IPL machines. However, it has to be kept in mind that the treatment should be done only at clinics that have highly trained professionals and technologically advanced machines. The treatment has to be carried out over a number of sessions to be truly effective.

What is IPL?

IPL is an effective hair removal method that uses pulsed light to damage the hair follicle, keeping new hairs from growing back. It is also used as a skin rejuvenation treatment and can improve the appearance of hyperpigmented lesions, such as sunspots, scars and beauty marks.

IPL Hair Removal
IPL Hair Removal

What is the treatment principle?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), most commonly employed by medical practitioners and estheticians working under the guidance of a physician, is a method of hair removal from the body. It involves the use of a specially constructed xenon flash lamp and focusing optics.

The Intense Pulsed Light hair removal process has become very popular due to its cheaper and faster procedure compared to laser hair removal. The comparison of effectiveness between Intense Pulsed Light and Laser Epilation is debated by scientists, equipment manufacturers and practitioners, but results are generally accepted to be roughly equivalent. IPL is generally advertised as “permanent hair reduction” as opposed to “permanent hair removal” (these phrases are misnomers when applied to laser or IPL hair removal). It is also used for the treatment of the skin in a process known as photorejuvenation.

The focused, broad-spectrum light is applied to the surface of the skin by way of either a hand-held wand or an articulated arm. This light travels through the skin until it strikes the hair shafts or the bulb (root) of the hair. The bulb is usually where the highest concentration of melanin is located, as opposed to the rest of the hair shaft. As the light is converted to heat energy, the bulb and most of the hair shaft are instantly vaporized. The intense heat radiated by the hair also destroys the hair-producing papilla or the entire hair follicle. It is also claimed that direct light-heat conversion occurs directly in the darker colored capillaries that bring nourishing blood to the follicle.

IPL hair removal: What is It All About?

Intense Pulse Light basically works by turning the light energy into heat energy. Such strong heat energy is capable enough to spot the growth of hair from the origin from which it grows. Basically, it burns the growth origin of hairs, thus permanently removing the hair roots. The best thing about this treatment is that it covers a wide span of area in just one session, so you don’t have to take many sessions.

Though women are the ones who are major patients undergoing IPL treatment men are soon outgrowing them. With this treatment, any body part can be treated and some of the most common areas are:

1. Facial
2. Chest
3. Bikini area
4. Legs
5. Underarms
6. Back
7. Hands.

A single session treats a substantial portion of your body within just fifteen to thirty minutes. The results achieved are good and safe. Various kinds of IPL machines are being used to treat different kinds of skin types and tones, resulting in being the most common solution to the problems of hair in both men and women. Though it is not laser removal yet it is nothing less than laser. With so many benefits and positive results, it has become extremely popular and most importantly affordable.

The major benefit that one can derive in this form of hair removal is that the hair is removed from its very source, resulting into prevention of further hair growth. In razor and waxing, hair is pulled out without affecting the hair roots, but here in IPL it triggers the hair roots, thus addressing the main issue directly.

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