How To Use Ice Compress Hammer?

How To Use Ice Compress Hammer?

Learning how to use ice compress hammer is very helpful for your better treating vascualr removal. When the skin needs to cool down during treatment, you need to use the ice compress hammer. Let us see the function of ICE Compress Hammer:

Functions of Ice Compress Hammer:

Ice compress hammer can reduce the temperature of local tissues in the body, promote the tension of sympathetic nerves, shrink blood vessels, and reduce the sensitivity of tissues to pain.

Laser treatment should be done immediately ice compress, and the postoperative swelling peak period is within 48 hours. At this time, ice compress can reduce swelling and pain to the greatest extent and contract blood vessels. After 48 hours,no ice compress is needed to allow the tissue to absorb and repair itself. Generally, the swelling and pain will gradually subside within a week.

How To Use Ice Compress Hammer?

How To Use Ice Compress Hammer?
How To Use Ice Compress Hammer?

The ice compress hammer can be used after the instrument is powered on, regardless of the screen program. the longer the use time, the lower the surface temperature of the ice compress hammer, and the lowest temperature value is maintained for about 20 minutes. In order to more professionally use ice compress hammer, we list the usage steps of ice compress hammer:

  1. Ice appliances should be disinfected– Do not directly touch the skin when ice compress, medical sterile gauze must be used under the ice compress head to avoid infection of the wound.
  2. Switch on the ice compress hammer – the operation is continued by pressing the switch on the ice compress hammer.
  3. Attention should be paid to ice-covered area – The area of ice compress was mainly at the treatment site and the skin around 2-3 cm in the periphery, and the ice hammer was moved alternately.
  4. Ice compress time -Ice compress 2-4 times a day, 5-20 minutes each time, appropriate adjustment according to the specific situation, the time should not be too long.
  5. Advers reactions – Ice compress should be stopped immediately if adverse reactions are found in the patient, or if the skin pain lasts for 5 minutes, the ice compress should be stopped to prevent frostbite.

Taboos Of Ice Compress


  • Those with chronic inflammation or infection and suppuration may prevent the absorption of inflammation.
  • Ice compress should not be applied to occipital, ear and scrotum to avoid frostbite.
  • Old age and infirmity, deficiency and cold syndrome, pregnancy, menstruation, etc.;
  • Patients with traumatic damage, fatigue, late inflammation, heart disease and edema;
  • Ice compress should be stopped immediately if adverse reactions are found.

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