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Coolsculpting machine is a new, non-invasive, safe way to gently and effectively reduce targeted fat that results in a noticeable, natural-looking fat reduction of the body.

With advanced cooling technology, coolsculpting or cryolipolysis will produce at a particularly low temperature, in precise cooling, the triglyceride in fats will be converted into solid. The target fat bulges and cells will be eliminated through the body`s normal metabolism process that does not harm the surrounding tissues.

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Cryolipolysis or Coolsculpting is considered to be among the best cost-effective treatment procedures that help a patient to get rid of all the excess body fat present in the targeted area of the body. Coolsculpting machine treatment is said to be one of the safest, most effective, and non-invasive procedures that are available to patients in the aesthetic market. The treatment procedure for cost-effective Coolsculpting is being offered by various clinics and it is quite effective and simple, without any downtime.

The steps for the treatment process are outlined below:

  1. The apoptosis of the fat cells of the body is processed by cooling through the removal of energy in Coolsculpting. The apoptosis of the fat cell is a natural procedure through which the cell is killed in a controlled manner. This will release the provocative mediators like Cytokines that will help in eliminating the cells that have undergone cell apoptosis in a natural way throughout the treatment of Coolsculpting.
  2. The proactive cells of the body will digest the fatty cells that have undergone apoptosis slowly. This is going to take some time after the Coolsculpting procedure. This will, in turn, reduce the thickness of the layers of fat deposited in the body, thus, making it a very effective treatment.
  3. The fat cell lipids are then going to get released gradually during Coolsculpting, and, after this, they will be transported into the lymphatic system of the body. This is the reason why doctors ask patients to do some activities that are going to stimulate the lymphatic system. These lipids of fat cells that have undergone apoptosis are then going to be removed from the body. This is how the layers of fat from the body will be reduced in a natural as well as effective manner with the help of Coolsculpting
  4. With this long treatment on the targeted area with cooling, the subcutaneous fat will be lost in an effective way and this will not harm the overlying skin.

Coolsculpting fat freezing results:

With precise cooling, coolsculpting procedures can reduce unwanted abdominal fat, love handles (flanks), and back fat. The fat layer will be reduced by 20 to 40 percent, additional cryolipolysis procedures can be performed after one month, resulting in another 20 percent reduction.

The results are permanent as the body cannot create new fat cells.

Coolsculpting fat freezing application:

Treatments show coolsculpting process is effective to reduce stubborn fat without any harm to other healthy cells. Often it is used for :

  • Resistant Fat
  • Lumps & Bulges in Abdomen
  • Love Handles
  • Post-Pregnancy Pooch
  • Back Fat
  • Bumps

Coolsculpting fat freezing handle

1.4 changeable coolsculpting handles, for different target parts

2. Two cryo handles work same time, for two target areas or two different clients. That can help earn more each day with more treatments.

3. Start/ Stop treatment button on each size handle, easy to run the operation.

4. Treatment display on each size handle, to show the real treatment pressure and temperature

5. Treatment cryo temperature is from 5C to -10C.Vacuum intensity 10KPa-80Kpa.

The Coolsculpting machine for sale cost in the aesthetic market varies from one supplier to another. There are a lot of factors that are considered while deciding the price for the Coolsculpting treatment machine. The aesthetic supplier will provide you with an approximate cost for the Coolsculpting slimming machine. One of the best aesthetic manufacturers in China for Coolsculpting machines is PrettyLasers, which produces the best Coolsculpting slimming machine, offering the best affordable cost for the treatment.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Coolsculpting Machine?

Are you sick and tired of the excess body fat you cannot get rid of? If Yes is your answer then don’t panic, you are among the thousands of men and women looking for the best solution for removing body fat. If you have fatty deposits that are resistant to exercise and diet and nothing seems to work, coolsculpting machine can help you sculpt a trimmer body without using invasive surgery or liposuction.

Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Coolsculpting Machine?
Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Coolsculpting Machine?

What Is CoolSculpting? How Does It Work?

Coolsculpting is an FDA approved best fat reduction and body contouring solution which helps you to naturally get rid of stubborn fatty areas. Coolsculpting is scientifically proven and backed up after many years of medical studies and research and it is a non-invasive alternative with the best results that trims and sculpts your body.

The following are the top reasons why you should consider using Coolsculpting for non-surgical fat reduction.

The Coolsculpting fat reduction procedure is tested worldwide.

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction procedure that produces truly impressive and remarkable results. Its innovative precise sculpting process works on both small areas such as double chin as well as on larger problem areas such as love handles and thighs.

No Need for Recovery Time.

There is no downtime required after the Coolsculpting procedure because it is entirely non-invasive and non-surgical and your body sculpting treatment won’t interrupt your life and you can fit seamlessly into your daily schedule.

Your Body Seamlessly Works With The Coolsculpting Procedure.

The Coolsculpting treatment does not affect the surrounding skin and tissue because this procedure works through the gentle freezing of your fat cells beneath the skin. As the fat cells die off and flushed out, your body will naturally eliminate the cells and the area treated is slimmed and trimmed.

Effective Fat Loss Solution

The fat cells are sensitive to changes in temperature. As the process takes place in a controlled, safe environment, the fat cell dies completely. CoolSculpting is proved to be a useful technique for better fat loss.

Comfortable Process

CoolSculpting is a very comfortable process. With no downtime, you can get back to your daily routine almost instantly after undergoing the procedure. It is a simple and easy process, and you don’t even have to get prepared for the process. With the CoolSculpting Machine, you can conveniently return to work just after the session.

Successful Treatment for Different Areas

CoolSculpting in PrettyLasers is effective in treating different areas of your body. With CoolSculpting, you can successfully treat many areas like upper arms, inner and outer thighs, double chin, abdomen, and more.

No Anesthesia

Being a non-invasive process, CoolSculpting doesn’t require you to take any anesthesia. Avoiding the use of anesthesia, CoolSculpting enables you to follow your regular schedule before as well as water undergoing the process.

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Is CoolSculpting Right For me?

Losing weight is a difficult feat, to begin with, but losing fat in the specific areas you want to target can feel impossible. This is now made possible with CoolSculpting. This non-invasive and comfortable cosmetic procedure targets the hard-to-lose tummy, thigh, upper arm, and love handle areas to give you the sleek silhouette you’ve been working hard to achieve. Now, you need to know if you’re a good candidate.

CoolSculpting May Be for You. CoolSculpting is perfect for men and women who are close to being at their ideal body weight, but can’t quite seem to get rid of the fat around the arms, thighs, tummy, or love handles. If you’re considering CoolSculpting, it is recommended that you be within 30 pounds of your ideal weight. If you are more than 30 pounds from your ideal weight, you may want to hold off so you can see better results from the procedure. CoolSculpting will help you to lose stubborn bulges of fat but should not be considered a not a weight loss procedure.

What are the top things to consider while choosing a CoolSculpting supplier in China?

With the growing demand for CoolSculpting, the number of CoolSculpting providers is also increasing. Some of the essential things to consider while choosing a CoolSculpting provider is:

Reputation and Experience

To avail of the best CoolSculpting outcomes, make sure to select a provider that has a good reputation and experience in CoolSculpting. The CoolSculpting Machine In PrettyLasers, with years of experience, is highly skilled to carry out sensitive treatment and offers you the best benefits. Looking at the track record of the providers can help you in finding the best one.

Certified Provider

While looking for a CoolSculpting provider, make sure to check their certification. The certified providers are genuine ones with in-depth knowledge about the process. Certified providers can offer the best and most reliable treatment.


With the advancement in technology, more and more techniques are evolving to make the CoolSculpting process much simple and easy. Make sure to choose a CoolSculpting provider that has advanced modern technologies to offer the best outcomes. The use of advanced technology can help in reducing the level of discomfort and provide you with a convenient treatment.


Cost is an important aspect to be considered. Choose a CoolSculpting provider that offers you high-quality treatment at the best price. You can find out and compare the CoolSculpting cost of different providers and select the best option for you. CoolSculpting Machine in PrettyLasers offers quality services at many affordable prices.

PrettyLasers can provide you with the best CoolSculpting treatment machine to reduce fat deposits and enhance your skin quality.

The Difference between CoolSculpting and Liposuction

Are you facing a dilemma about which method to adopt to reduce your fatty deposits? Women and men of all age groups are more conscious nowadays to maintain a good shape of their body and eliminate extra fats. What can be more welcoming than the procedures of CoolSculpting and liposuction which are two very different procedures that are designed to reduce unwanted fatty deposits?

Which is best for you?

People find it difficult to decide on which procedure is best for them as both procedures produce the same outcome in the end. How are you to decide which is best for you? Experts in cosmetic medicine help you to break down the difference between CoolSculpting and Liposuction so that you can make the best decision for you.

Non-surgical – Coolsculpting

When looking from the safety point of view you will find that CoolSculpting is a non-invasive procedure. It is considered safer by the patients since it does not involve surgery. Moreover, there are minor side effects usually experienced by patients. It is possible that patients can experience short-term bruising or skin sensitivity after CoolSculpting. Side effects usually resolve within a few weeks.

Invasive surgery – Liposuction

When looking for Liposuction you must know that it is an invasive surgery done with anesthesia. There are certain side effects which include blood clots, negative reactions to anaesthesia, or other serious complications. If possible you must avoid liposuction if you have heart problems or blood clotting disorders, or are a pregnant woman.

If you search for differences between CoolSculpting and Liposuction from viewpoint of convenience then CoolSculpting is done as an outpatient procedure. Each session takes about an hour, and you might require a few sessions spread out a couple of weeks apart. Whereas liposuction can often be done as an outpatient surgery and the surgery takes 1 to 2 hours, and recovery might take several days. You typically only need one session.

When you think about results, you’ll begin to see results from CoolSculpting after a few weeks. Full results from liposuction may not be noticeable for a few months. Costing for CoolSculpting and liposuction differs depending on the expertise of the doctors offering the procedure. From an efficacy standpoint, CoolSculpting can eliminate up to 25 percent of the fat cells in any given part of a person’s body. You can remove up to 5 liters or about 11 pounds of fat with liposuction procedure. Removing more than that is generally not considered safe. Both procedures permanently destroy fat cells in the treated areas, but you can still develop fat in other areas of your body.

The Difference between CoolSculpting and Liposuction
The Difference between CoolSculpting and Liposuction

Cost of Coolsculpting

Coolsculpting is a procedure that is used to freeze fat cells using a vacuum-like device. It is suitable for people who want to remove stubborn fat deposits. It is not used as a weight loss procedure. Anyone who is within 30 pounds of their ideal weight can go for the procedure. So how much does coolsculpting cost? Read on to find out.

The procedure is not considered a medical treatment, you have to cater for all the costs. The average cost per session ranges from $2000 to $4000. The cost is based on the area that is being treated. If it is a smaller area, you will pay a smaller amount.

You will pay increased amounts when there are multiple areas being treated. Your geographical location, follow-up appointment and provider also determine the coolsculpting boston prices. You may only need one Coolsculpting but there are part people who go for follow-up appointments to get additional results. The treatment takes a few hours or less and there is no downtime.

Make sure that you talk to your provider about how much is coolsculpting before the treatment. You can ask for the costs for different areas. It will help you determine how much to pay if doing multiple areas.

Cost for arms

You can use affordable coolsculpting near me to remove stubborn fat in your upper arms. You can pay $650 for a small area. You will treat both arms so you can part with $1300. The treatment for each treatment can take 35 minutes. With upper arms, you will only need one session to achieve your goals.

Cost for stomach

The stomach is the most common area that gets treated for cool sculpting. It is not easy to get rid of fat in the stomach due to life events such as pregnancy or age. The average cost of coolsculpting you will pay for the stomach is $1500 per session. You may have to go for two treatments for the stomach. The treatment will take between 35 and 60 minutes. You will get permanent results but you can choose to go for additional sessions to remove more fat cells.

Cost for thighs

The cool sculpting cost for the thighs depends on whether it is the inner or the outer thigh. You may pay about $1500 for one outer thigh and $750 for each inner thigh. To have both the inner and outer thigh treated in both legs will cost you about $4000 or even more. It will only take about 35 minutes for each treatment.

Recovery time

You will see full results for Coolsculpting in four to six months. During this time, your body will eliminate the dead fat cells as waste. You may experience a few side effects from the procedure which include numbness, redness, and pain. However, these only last for a few weeks and go away on their own. You do not have to take time off work. You may only take the day off to have the procedure done.

How long does it last?

CoolSculpting results are meant to be permanent. The only exception is the stomach area, which could require two or more sessions to obtain optimum results. Talk to your provider about how many sessions they think you’ll ultimately need.

Unlike traditional weight loss methods, the fat cells are completely removed, not shrunk down. According to the ASPS, the fat cells targeted during CoolSculpting treatments are eventually reduced by an average of 20 percent. Some people can see reductions of up to 40 percent, which is also more likely in smaller treatment areas like the arms.

If you want to target the same area in the future, talk to your provider. The costs will likely be the same as your first treatment, as the whole process needs to be done again.

Also, if you gain weight in the future, there’s a chance that new fat cells can return to the previously treated area.

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