13 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying A Aesthetic Laser

13 Key Questions to Ask Before Buying A Aesthetic Laser

When you Buy A Aesthetic Laser from China supplier, you’re starting a relationship with the Chinese Laser manufacturers. It’s worthing to make sure the manufacturer will do their best to support you.

Here is a suggested list of 13 questions worth asking to ensure that you’re making the best decision for your practice and for your reference:

1. What is Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser?

The term “Q-switch” refers to the type of pulse created by the laser. Unlike common laser pointers that create a continuous laser beam, Q-switched lasers create laser beam pulses that last mere billionths of a second. Because the energy from the laser is emitted in such a brief period of time, the energy is concentrated into very powerful pulses.

Powerful, Ultra-short Pulses

The powerful, ultra-short pulses have two key benefits. Firstly, these pulses are powerful enough to shatter tiny fragments of ink or pigmentation, stimulate collagen production, or kill fungus. Not all aesthetic lasers have sufficient power for these applications, which is why Q-switched lasers are prized for their efficacy.

Powerful, Ultra-short Pulses
Powerful, Ultra-short Pulses

No Side Effects

Second, because the energy is in the skin for mere nanoseconds, the surrounding tissue is not harmed. Only the ink is heated up and shattered, while the surrounding tissue stays unaffected. The briefness of the pulse is what allows these lasers to remove tattoos (or excess melanin, or kill fungus) without unwanted side effects.

2. Will this laser tattoo removal machine suit my needs?

This is obviously the most important question when you decide to consider a laser purchase. Different practices have different goals – it’s important to find the right laser tattoo removal machine for your specific needs:

  1. Is the system powerful enough for you?
  2. Do you care about how long it takes the laser to warm up?
  3. Do you plan to use the q-switch system for additional applications?
  4. Does the system treat the ink colors you want it to remove?
  5. Is your treatment room somewhat cramped so the system size of the laser matters?
  6. Does a track record of reliability matter to you?
  7. What does q-switch feel like?
  8. Are you wanting to start out with the most advanced equipment or eventually upgrade from something more basic?
  9. How to transport?

Considering performing laser tattoo removal every day and think about what features for functionality, reliability, safety, and efficacy are critical to you.

3. Is the company trusted by leaders in the aesthetic laser industry?

Since laser tattoo removal became widely available and more popular, some front runners in the field have emerged. These leading skin specialty and laser practices often have been performing laser tattoo removal for over ten years and have witnessed trends in the industry rise and fall. These leading practitioners often have:

  • have the professional technical engineer
  • multiple clinic locations
  • a high volume of patients
  • wide variety of tattoo ink colors treatment
  • patients of all skin types
  • valuable reputation to maintain
  • upgraded their equipment over the years
  • within 24 hours after-sales service team

Look to see which systems these practices are choosing to replace their older equipment and research new technology – they’ve seen it all and choose equipment from established manufacturers that makes sense for their high-volume needs.

4. What is included in the marketing support?

For laser tattoo removal – just like many other aesthetic procedures – good marketing is key to profits. Effective marketing brings patients in the door and helps you achieve a return on your laser investment. with a cost-effective solution that yields higher returns than devices that achieve comparable results using more expensive technology.

Because of the importance of marketing, many laser companies offer some level of marketing support to those buying a laser. Some companies claim that their included marketing support would be valued at tens of thousands of dollars or more.

It’s important to look at what they’re really giving you – not just what they say it’s worth.

Realistically, most companies provide some printed marketing materials (brochures, posters, etc), a directory listing, and a printed marketing guide… no real services, It is very important to provide technical support.

technical support
technical support

5. Whether provide professional technical service support?

It takes extensive knowledge of lasers, access to highly specialized parts, and precise technical ability to service a Q-switched laser – not all companies have the funds or expertise to have a dedicated service department.

Companies without internal service departments, rely on external freelance laser technicians to provide service for the systems they sell. These freelancers typically don’t specialize in servicing one type of laser technology or brand and often have limited access to parts – sometimes compromising the quality of service they provide. Ask your laser manufacturer who provides the service for the systems and make sure that you’re comfortable with the answer they give you.

The chief designer of PrettyLasers’s research and development of the former senior design expert of the Laser Medical Research Office of the Beijing Institute of Optoelectronic Technology. PrettyLasers offer the most professional technical service for you.

6. What is the turnaround time for service calls?

q-switch lasers for tattoo removal are highly complex machines that require periodic maintenance to perform optimally.

Unlike a computer which you can take to a wide variety of mechanics for service, your laser machine can only be serviced by experienced laser technicians with the right parts and tools – which makes you dependent on the responsiveness and expertise of your laser manufacturer’s technical service department.

Most veterans of the laser industry have at least one horror story of working with an irresponsible laser company that leaves them high and dry in face of a technical service need. We’ve heard of some companies having two-week waiting periods for service support of critical issues – meaning the practice was faced with rescheduling two weeks’ worth of patients. For any practice, extended downtime can be hugely damaging to both revenue and reputation.

Ask your laser manufacturer what’s the longest any client has had to wait for an emergency service visit and what the average system downtime is per year. Ask them to tell you about an instance where the service department went above and beyond to keep things running smoothly for a practice.
Most importantly, speak to existing clients (not paid luminaries) – they’re the ones that will have the best insight into the quality of the support from the service department.

7. How much will a prolonged warranty cost?

Most advanced Q-Switch ND: YAG Laser tattoo removal machines come with a standard one-year limited warranty on the equipment with a separate pulse count warranty on the flashlamp. However, top-quality laser tattoo removal machines are designed to last 5 to 10 years or even more with regular maintenance – that’s where extended warranties come into play.


Many practices buy extended warranties/service contracts to have peace of mind about their investment and have regularly scheduled preventative maintenance visits. While what’s covered by a prolonged warranty is fairly consistent between laser companies, the prices are not. Some companies reasonable price their extended service contracts based on the costs associated with providing the service, but some laser manufacturers charge triple the price because they look to profit from their service department and have a recurring revenue stream from their clients.

How do they get away with charging triple for their service contracts?

Some major manufacturers refuse to provide service unless you’re under an extended warranty – forcing you to buy a warranty if you ever want service on your laser again.

Don’t worry – not all laser companies are looking to gouge their customers. Just make sure that you ask about the prices for extended warranties, if preventative maintenance visits are included in the cost, and if service is available to out-of-contract customers.

8. How comprehensive is the laser professional training?

Even if you have skilled experience with performing laser treatments, adding on a new treatment procedure means adding on a whole new set of patient questions, side effects to manage, protocols to learn, operation method and precautions, and so on.

Here are a few things to look for in training as follows:

  1. Will your trainer have in-depth professional knowledge of tattoo removal in particular?
  2. How much time will the laser company commit to the training?
  3. What are the main training contents?
  4. Whether have professional people to teach?
  5. Will the training include supervised hands-on practice?
  6. Does the manufacturer have an established history in the laser tattoo removal field or is it a relatively new technology for them?
  7. Will the laser company help you schedule patients for the training?
  8. Does the training include certifications for trainees? What certifications?
  9. How long can the training end?
  10. How long is each training?
  11. Will the company provide patient forms and paperwork for your use?

Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Machine PL-HR10
Pico Laser Tattoo Removal Machine PL-HR10


Your professional training is your opportunity to get off to a good start with laser tattoo removal – make sure the laser company equips you with the right knowledge. And to know how to skilled operate Q-Switch ND: YAG Laser Machines.

Also, ask the laser manufacturer what will be provided when additional training is needed.

Most practices have some level of employee turnover, and even laser clinics that have a single owner-operator tend to hire more staff after establishing themselves. Training from the laser manufacturer is important to making sure practitioners feel comfortable and confident with the procedures they perform.

9. What are my options for upgrading in the future?

Laser tattoo removal accompanies a large type of options and capabilities at a large variety of worth points. Some new practices or those trying to check the waters for optical maser tattoo removal want to begin with an associate entry-level tattoo removal system, some practices want to begin out with the foremost subtle optical maser obtainable, and plenty of purchase somewhere mediate.

If your application starts out with an associate degree entry-level or mid-level system (as several practitioners do), you’ll like to eventually upgrade once you have designed a base of tattoo removal patients and have the monthly revenue to hide the price of a lot of advanced optical device.

The advantages of upgrading may include:

  • High ROI
  • Faster tattoo removal results
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Effective removal of resistant ink colors
  • Faster treatments
  • Flexible patient scheduling
  • Newly warrantied equipment
  • Better functionality/usability
  • Get more customers

Unfortunately, many aesthetic laser manufacturers do not take in the used machine. If you think you may wish to trade up or add on an additional system (such as a laser for treating resistant inks), ask the laser manufacturer what upgrade options will be available for you in the future.

10. Is the price of the equipment reasonable?

PrettyLasers are a manufacturing and trading combo for aesthetic laser machines in Beijing China, with more than 15 years of the full experience. PrettyLasers always do their best to keep prices as reasonable as possible without sacrificing quality, and PrettyLasers are constantly investigating new methods of quality improvement and upgrading technology.PrettyLasers have long-term cooperative suppliers who can give us the best price. PrettyLasers recommend Q-Switch ND: YAG Laser machine which is inquired by British, Middle East, Mexico, Central American, South American and so on customers. We believe it can bring you great profits.

11. Whether the cosmetic laser supplier provides the OEM/ODM Service?

we provide professional OEM/ODM services. PrettyLasers has an integrated professional system for product research and development, manufacture, certificate identification, and market promotion. Therefore, PrettyLasers has the confidence and capability to provide innovative and practical solutions conforming to customers’ needs in high efficiency with quick responses.

12. Do I feel satisfied with the company I’m buying the Q-Switch Laser Machine from?

Unlike the other issues on this list, this one is more qualitative. Different laser suppliers have different reputations and values, and it’s important to choose one that will respect what matters to you.

Some companies focus more on flashy advertising, some focus more on advanced technology. Some laser sales personnel have more professional laser knowledge, some function more as trusted consultants.

If you’re looking at two quality lasers from two different reputable manufacturers, consider choosing the one that you’d rather have an ongoing client relationship with and which does its best to support to serve your practice. After all, their expertise and support could be very helpful in making your first year with laser tattoo removal a successful one.

13. How to provide global service?

The following service steps for overseas customers shall be followed if any troubles with your equipment.

1. Information Collection

Information of videos & pictures and Name of Sales Manager shall be provided if your machine is still in warranty. As for the machines that are out of warranty, the machine failure information, as well as video evidence, shall be provided for at least.

2. Communication and Judgement

You can communicate with our engineers about malfunction detection in a variety of ways (Online video is preferred.) Once the fault is diagnosed and confirmed, our professional engineers will help to repair it. You can also send back fault parts to PrettyLasers and order new components if necessary.

3. Parts installation

If you receive the new or well-repaired device parts, the service engineer from PrettyLasers will guide you to install and send you installation instructions.

4. Maintenance finished

The service engineer will collect the faulty information and report it to the technical department timely. Meanwhile, the replaced expensive parts and components with analytical values shall be recalled for tracking information.

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