How Much Does A Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Cost?

How Much Does A Professional Laser Hair Removal Machine Cost?

Diode laser hair removal machine price varies for different brands. If you want to buy the professional hair removal equipment for your beauty salon. Firstly you need to know what is laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is the safest, most effective method used to permanently remove unwanted hair. As one of the most commonly performed cosmetic procedures, laser hair removal is the process of a laser beaming highly concentrated light into hair follicles. Pigments in the follicles absorb the light and heat up to the point of singeing which then destroys the hair and the surrounding root disabling it from future hair growth.

Treatments are quick and straightforward , and lasers are safe. the warmth energy from each laser pulse is optimized and specific in order that the skin doesn’t absorb it. thanks to the very fact that human hair grows in cycles, multiple treatments are required at intervals of a minimum of 8 weeks apart. So it is very essential to select a professional laser hair removal machine.

The most famous brands are Lumenis lightsheer diode laser machine. Alma diode laser machine is also a famous brand. While the price is high for most of the medium spas and clinics. However, PrettyLasers provides the affordable price of professional laser hair removal machine for your reference. So what is the main factor for choosing a good 810nm diode laser hair removal machine? Let’s see the professional diode laser hair reduction reviews:

The professional laser hair removal grade beauty salon machine, after three treatment, the hair can be reduced by up to 92%.

Different people may have different skin colors. In order to achieve the best hair removal effect, this laser hair removal machine has a technical, intelligent skin color selection system.

Best cooling results – Cooling system reduces discomfort during epilation

Cooling is very important for diode laser hair removal machine. Strong cooling makes the diode laser treatment painless and comfortable. PrettyLasers 810nm diode laser machines use semiconductor cooling technology. 810nm diode laser adds a cooling head on the handpiece to strengthen the cooling results. Its handpieces use sapphire crystal contact cooling. The cooling function makes us feel more comfortable and helps to reduce redness after hair removal by laser.

Besides semiconductor cooling technology using big radiators and big DC fans for machine inner side cooing. The handpiece cooling temperature is lower than -20℃.

Fast treatment speed – save your patient’s treament time

Fast speed saves treatment time and improves clients’ satisfaction. IPL hair removal is slow, it takes a long time for big area hair removal. Diode Laser hair removal machine treatment frequency is up to 10Hz. With In-motion SHR technology, diode laser machine could slide fast on our skin. Diode laser hair removal treatment speed is 2 to 3 times faster than IPL. It takes around 10 minutes to 30 minutes by diode laser treatment.

Effective – the optimal wavelength 808nm

Diode laser treatment is more effective because laser is a constant 808nm wavelength. IPL machine is a wide spectrum range from 400nm-1200nm. For a whole course permanent hair removal, IPL machine needs 6-12 times. Diode laser epilation machine only needs 3 to 5 times.

Strong laser output and long lifetime

High laser power makes diode laser hair removal treatment efficient. PrettyLasers use 600W / 900W / 1200W for you option high power Germany imported laser bars. The energy output could up to 166J/cm. Professional laser hair removal machine has a stronger hair removal result compared to other brand diode laser device. The Germany laser bar has a longer lifetime than China made laser bars.

Portable and Vertical diode laser machine optional

PrettyLasers offers portable diode laser machine and vertical diode laser machine as well. Portable diode laser machine could save shipping cost and spa space. Vertical diode laser machine could work continuous longer time and professional for clinics. The portable laser machine also has a matched trolley. Clients could choose different shapes according to their demand.

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