Best Permanent Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Best Permanent Laser Hair Removal Machine

Permanent hair removal laser machine uses a combination of energy and heat to destroy follicles without harming the skin around them. After a series of sessions, you’ll experience permanent hair reduction. Depending which area(s) you decide to treat, you’ll always be ready to slip into a swimsuit, won’t have to think about razor burn or irritation, and will stop worrying about unsightly ingrown hairs.

Pain-Free laser hair removal at PrettyLasers is for everyone. Because we use revolutionary technology and In Motion treatment technique, our painless permanent hair removal treatments are safe for all skin types including Asian, ethnic and tanned. Conventional type lasers would not be suitable for darker skin types and one would not be able to have treatments in summer as sun exposure would result in pigmentation.


Laser hair removal works with the pigmentation in one’s hair. Therefore the darker, the thicker and course the hair, the better the result. White, grey, very blond, light ginger or vellus hair has very little to no pigmentation and therefore cannot be treated by any laser or light therapy. Darker ginger and blonde hair types can be treated but one may require more sessions.



Reliable performance


Optimum work ability

Laser Bars: made in Germany

Plug and Play connectors: made in America

Power supply: made in Taiwan

Cooling system: made in Italy

ISO 13485 certified medical equipment




Available with high power of 300W, 500W, 800W,1600W, the core part of 808nm diode laser hair removal handpiece gets featured advantages of excellent and comfortable hair removal, high performance, and long serving lifetime. The optional pulse duration of 10 to 400ms of 808nm diode laser system produce intense thermal energy, ensuring perfect follicular destruction efficiently. Compact and durable structure made laser hair removal handpeice, workable on multiple diode laser hair removal systems platform and operating systems. US import chip and Germany micro channel laser assure stable IR laser light emitting, and long serving lifetime.