Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal

How to feel your best in your bikini
Ideal Image is the most trusted name in laser hair removal, and America’s #1 choice. We are national leaders in laser hair removal and have performed over 6 million laser hair removal treatments. It’s hard enough to feel confident in a bathing suit without the added stress of worrying about embarrassing shaving bumps or stray bikini hairs. Ideal Image has the answer. We offer a laser version of the full Brazilian bikini wax. Our bikini line pubic hair removal procedure is one of our most sought after hair removal procedures. This area is one of the easiest and fastest areas to treat, with most of these laser procedures being completed in just 20 minutes. Our laser specialists can remove as little or as much hair as you wish, while paying particular attention to your comfort.

Still seeing the 5 O’clock shadow after shaving your bikini line and underarms? Laser hair removal by Ideal Image is the solution. First the hair is destroyed from underneath the skin, and sheds out completely. Afterwards the skin pores close leaving only smooth sexy skin. No more shaving, waxing, bumps, razor burns and no more 5 O’clock shadow.

How much does it cost?
The cost of bikini laser hair removal or Brazilian laser hair removal is all dependent upon how much hair is removed from the area. We can remove hair from any area of the body, but everyone is a little bit different. It’s important to come into our center for a complimentary consultation and discuss exactly what your needs are. We will customize a package just for you…

The medical degree and experience level of the treatment provider
The number of years the company has been in business
The quality of the hair removal equipment (lasers)
The ability to safely treat all skin colors
Convenient locations
Lifetime Guarantee
Accurate Pricing to procedure completion
Can anyone have it done?
As with all laser hair removal treatments, blond, gray and red hair does not respond since the laser targets melanin, the pigment in the hair follicle.

Are men having it done?
The full male Brazilian is becoming more in style every year. Although for most men the back, chest and abs are the most popular areas.

Bikini Line Laser Hair Removal before & after photos