Armpit Laser Hair Removal

Enjoy long-lasting smoothness
Unwanted hair. It’s here. There. Yep, even there. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay.

Our Simple treatment will destroy those hair follicles in a matter of minutes. You’ll save time, money, and you’ll save yourself from a lifetime of shaving. Seriously. Our medical and nursing professionals have mastered the process of laser hair removal and stand behind it as one of the best ways to get rid of that hair for good. After all, they’ve performed over 6 million treatments.

So say goodbye to unwanted hair & hello to smooth results (that actually work).

Underarm Laser Hair Removal
It’s a situation many women have experienced: You change into your favorite shirt or dress and realize that you forgot to shave your underarms. Hopefully you made the discovery before you stepped out in public, but if not, you’re faced with an uncomfortable evening of awkwardly keeping your arms by your sides. Imagine what it would be like if you never had to question the last time you shaved. With underarm laser hair removal, you’re given the freedom to step into whatever you’re most comfortable wearing without worrying about unsightly hair.

Repeatedly shaving the underarms makes the area prone to ingrown hairs, cysts and razor burn. Laser hair removal by Ideal Image is the solution for unwanted hair. First the hair is destroyed from underneath the skin, and sheds out completely. Afterwards the pores in the skin close, leaving only smooth sexy skin. No more shaving, waxing, ingrown hairs, razor burns and no more “5 O’clock shadow.” Treating the underarms literally only takes minutes and you can get started with your first treatment on the day you purchase!

Arm Laser Hair Removal
Are you bothered by the presence of dark arm hair? An abundance of dark unwanted hair on the arms can be embarrassing. At Ideal Image, our experienced laser practitioners, using state of the art cosmetic lasers can easily treat unwanted arm hair. This is certainly true of patients who have unusually thick or dark arm hair also known as terminal hair. Ideal Image has a variety of different FDA-cleared lasers allowing us to customize our treatment to work with your hair and skin color. Treatments are quick and virtually painless. This procedure can usually be performed over a lunch break.

Who performs the Laser Hair Removal Procedures?
Laser hair removal is a medical procedure. All arm laser hair removal treatments are performed by one of Ideal Image’s well-trained medical and nursing professionals. Each practitioner is extensively trained before performing any arm and underarm hair removal treatments. Additionally, a licensed medical doctor serves as a medical director for each individual center location, and oversees all treatment and competency of the medical staff.

Coming in for a complimentary Ideal Image consultation is the most important step towards solving your unwanted arm hair problem. Our consultants have been asked every question imaginable and are committed to helping you make the best choice for your arm hair removal goals. We will answer all of your laser hair removal questions and tell you exactly what you can expect; and you’ll get an agreement in writing.