Portable Emsculpt NEO Machine For Sale

Portable Emsculpt NEO Machine

The portable EMSculpt NEO machine for sale is a game-changing technology that promises to melt away fat and build muscle – one 30-minute treatment can cause around 28,000 muscle contractions. EMS sculpt NEO is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that harnesses the powers of radio frequency (RF) and high intentsity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to simultaneously tone muscle and melt fat in a 30-minute session. 65% of women and 93% of men are interested in one or both a fat reduction and muscle toning treatment.

The end result is more fat reduction and muscle growth than any single gold-standard product, for less time and less money.

Portable Emsculpt NEO Machine PL-EMS03
Portable Emsculpt NEO Machine PL-EMS03

Buy Portable EMSculpt NEO Machine

It is FDA-cleared for the breakdown of fat, reduction in abdominal/waist circumference, strengthening and tone improvement of the abdomen, and firming of buttocks, thighs, arms, and calves.


  • Portable emsculpt neo is a no downtime, pain-free, nonsurgical means of building muscle and burning fat.
  • High Security – No risk of electric shock under high current.
  • Reduce Failures – Eliminate the erosion of internal metals by charged ions in water.
  • Cooling Better – Higher cooling efficiency, long-lasting cooling.
  • More Convenient – No need to add water, convenient and quick.
  • Body contouring – Builds muscle & Burns fat together.
  • 30% reduction of fat.
  • 25% more muscle.
  • 19% reduction in abdominal muscle separation (called diastasis recti)
  • Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure.
  • 9 cm (2.3 inches) loss in waistline circumference.
  • 30% increase in satellite cells – stem cell precursors to new muscle cells.
  • Muscle changes similar to a 12-16 week workout regimen.
  • 88%-100% patient satisfaction

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What is EmSculpt NEO?

The new EmSculpt NEO non invasive body contouring device provides effortless fat reduction and muscle definition for men and women struggling to improve the shape, tone, and appearance of their body. EmSculpt NEO is a cutting-edge body contouring system that can eliminate fat by up to 30% and increases muscle mass by 25% without surgery.

What is EmSculpt NEO?
What is EmSculpt NEO?

How Does Emsculpt NEO Work?

EmSculpt NEO is the industry’s first and only non-invasive body sculpting treatment that combines two revolutionary therapies in one device to reduce fat deposits and build muscle simultaneously. With RF (Radiofrequency) and HIFEM (high intensity electromagnetic magnetic field) technology, this innovative procedure can reduce stubborn fat and build muscle in one treatment.

Radiofrequency Technology for Fat Loss

RF (Radiofrequency) energy is an FDA cleared heat therapy used to kill supplemental fat cells in your body without causing any damage or discomfort to the surrounding dermal tissue. After the fat cells have been painlessly neutralized with targeted RF heat technology, your body’s lymph system naturally flushes the dead cells out. The focused application of radiofrequency energy during your EmSculpt NEO procedure can provide 30% fat loss to the targeted areas, resulting in a slimmer and more sculpted physique.

Warm-Up of the Underlying Muscles

Due to the RF heating, EMSCULPT NEO is the only aesthetic procedure that works out heated muscles. The muscle temperature quickly raises by several degrees. The muscles are prepared for exposure to stress, similar to what a warm-up activity does before any workoumulti-occupancy blocks featuring seven joint freehold apartments plus one studio.

Fastest Thermal Effect on the Market

In less than 4 minutes, the temperature in subcutaneous fat reaches levels that cause apoptosis, i.e. fat cells are permanently damaged and slowly removed from the body. Clinical studies showed a 30% reduction in subcutaneous fat.

Synchronized RF Heating
Synchronized RF Heating

HIFEM Technology for Muscle Building

HIFEM (high intensity electromagnetic magnetic field) uses powerful electromagnetic energy to harmlessly activate supramaximal contractions in your most hard-to-work muscles. This non-invasive stimulation causes the targeted muscles to contract and build strength, resulting in more defined muscle mass without the need for strenuous exercise.

HIFEM Technology for Muscle Building
HIFEM Technology for Muscle Building

The EmSculpt NEO device does all the work for you to build and strengthen targeted muscles by up to 20%, while your body naturally burns the fat in the surrounding area at the same time.

Supramaximal Muscle Contractions

Bypassing the brain limitations, HIFEM+ energy contracts muscle fibers in the treated area at intensities that are not achievable during voluntary workout.

Building Muscle

Extreme stress forces the muscle to adapt, resulting in muscle fiber hypertrophy and hyperplasia. On average the muscle volume increases by 25%.

Plug-n-play Applicator

Portable EMSCULPT NEO’s plug-n-play applicators allow you to treat multiple areas of interest in both women and men. Applicators with bigger spot size address larger areas, whereas smaller-sized applicators are the perfect fit for smaller and curved body parts.

Two Curved Handles
Two Curved Handles

  • Inner Thighs
  • Outer Thighs
  • Front Thighs
  • Back Thighs
  • Biceps
  • Triceps
  • Calves

Two Flat Handles
Two Flat Handles

  • Abdomen
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Back

Optional Pelvic Floor Repair Seat Cushion

Pelvic Floor Repair Seat Cushion is a revolutionary non-invasive and comfortable physiotherapy treatment for:

  • Men or women suffering from urinary incontinence.
  • Mothers with stress incontinence following childbirth.
  • Women with decreased sexual satisfaction.

The pelvic floor muscles support the pelvic floor organs and control continence. However, natural body aging, childbirth and menopause can cause this group of muscles to decondition resulting in continence problems such as leaking urine when coughing or sneezing.

The Pelvic Floor Repair Seat Cushion uses High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic Energy (HIFEM) to stimulate and strengthen all the pelvic floor muscles, not just the subset that can be exercised with voluntary contractions (Kegel exercises). These stronger pelvic floor muscles restore continence and the confidence to enjoy normal daily activities without fear of losing bladder control.

During each 28-minute session you sit comfortably on the pelvic floor seat cushion while it generates thousands of supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. Each session is equivalent to doing 11000 pelvic floor exercises but without the hard work!

Pelvic Floor Treatment Principle
Pelvic Floor Treatment Principle

Benefits of the Pelvic Floor Repair Treatment

Seat Cushion For Pelvic Floor Muscle Repair
Seat Cushion For Pelvic Floor Muscle Repair

  1. Repairs and tightens pelvic floor helping men and women to regain bladder control.
  2. Strengthened pelvic floor muscles improve women’s sexual satisfaction and the ability to achieve orgasm.
  3. Improvement can be observed after a single session with results improving over the treatment period.
  4. Non-invasive procedure with no recovery time.
  5. You remain fully clothed throughout treatment.
  6. Walk-in and walk out the same day.
  7. No pain – you can chat or read a book whilst undergoing treatment.

Technical Parameters

Emsculpt NEO Machine With RF
Intensity0~7 Tesla
Voltage220 V50/60Hz
Frequency3-100 Hz
TechnologyHigh-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic
Treatment areaBody, Arms, Legs, Abdomen Hips
MUSCLE BUILDINGHI-EMT Muscle Building Stimulation
Screen18 Inch Touch Screen
Working ModeAuto/ Manual
AdvantageNon Invasive Body Contouring
Muscle contractionAround 28,000 times (30min)
Cooling systemAir Cooling System
FunctionFat Removal, Muscle Building, Buttocks Toning, Body Sculpting & Shaping

Emsculpt NEO Non-Surgical Body Contouring Before and After

The Portable EmSculpt NEO system is the newest and most efficient non-surgical body sculpting solution for a slimmer figure, more defined abs, firmer buttocks, and stronger triceps, biceps, and calves.

emsculpt neo abdomen before and after

emsculpt neo buttlifting before and after

emsculpt neo thighs before and after

emsculpt neo calves before and after

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Em sculpt Neo FAQ

How Many EMSCULPT NEO Treatments are Needed?

Each Emsculpt NEO session is a 30 minute treatment on one particular area of the body. If you’re working on multiple body parts, like the abdominal and the buttock areas, that will require two 30 minute sessions.

A series of 4 treatments is recommended. Typically, one treatment every 3-6 months for maintenance is recommended to maintain results.

Who is a Good Candidate for EMSCULPT NEO?

Most adults that desire more definition of their abs, arms, thighs, or calves, or lifting of the buttocks are ideal candidates for EMSCULPT NEO . EMSCULPT NEO is approved for patients with a BMI of up to 35, which provides this technology to a wide variety of body shapes and fitness levels. Like other fat reducing or body contouring procedures, they are best paired with reasonable dietary and exercise habits and are not considered a substitute for weight loss programs.

What Areas of the Body Can be Treated with EMSCULPT NEO Body Sculpting Machine?

The following areas that benefit from either increased muscle tone and/or enhanced fat metabolism:

  • Abdomen – strengthens, tightens, and tones for a more defined six-pack
  • Glutes – lifts and sculpts
  • Arms – increases the size of triceps and biceps while tackling underarm fat
  • Calves – improves the shape and size of calf muscles

What does Emsculpt NEO Therapy Feel Like?

You can feel intense muscle contractions and a heating sensation in the treated areas comparable to a hot stone massage.

How Much Fat Will I Lose With a series of EMSCULPT NEO Treatments?

According to clinical studies, patients had an average of a 20% reduction in fat and a 1.5 inch average loss in waistline measurements following a series of 4 EMSCULPT treatments.

How Much Muscle Mass Will I Tone With a Series of EMSCULPT NEO?

In clinical studies, patients gained 16% muscle mass after a series of 4 treatments with EMSCULPT NEO.

Is EMSCULPT NEO Safe? Are There Any Side Effects from EMSCULPT NEO Treatment?

Yes, focused electromagnetic energy from emsculpt neo for sale is considered safe. As mentioned previously, mild soreness similar to that after a muscle workout is twice-weekly and expected side effect from em sculpt neo treatment.

How Does EMSCULPT NEO Compare to Other Methods of Fat Reduction such as Lipolysis, CoolSculpting?

EMSCULPT is a non-surgical approach to high-definition abs and butt lifting. It has no downtime or pain, but requires a series of treatments and periodic maintenance.

Lipolysis is the gold standard of fat removal. Lipolysis uses lasers to break fat cells apart, reducing the volume of fatty tissue. This process is also said to tighten the skin in the area where the treatment is applied. You may find that your skin is smoother and tighter than before. Overall, lipolysis offers similar benefits to other fat removal procedures.

Cryolipolysis,often termed “CoolSculpting” by Zeltiq, is a method of non-invasive fat removal that freezes fat, causing fat cell death and elimination. Like Vanquish, CoolSculpting is non-invasive and can reduce unwanted fat. However, cryolipolysis is a form of spot treatment for fat reduction. Larger areas such as the abdomen often require multiple applications, with each session lasting 1 hour. The fat is frozen during treatment, and must be massaged, as it feels like a frozen stick of butter immediately after treatment.

Why Choose the Portable EMS sculpt NEO Body Sculpt Machine PL-EMS03?

Professional em sculptor NEO machine is specially designed to increase to increase muscles indifferent parts, so that you can lift the hips without reducing the chest, reduce the thighs and thin arms to increase the abdominal muscles and practice the “vest line”.

  • Core Advantage – The main reason that EMSculpt Neo differs from EMSculpt is its technological make-up. Whereas EMSculpt relies only on advanced HIFEM energy to tone up the muscles and achieve fat reduction, EMSculpt Neo is a world-first treatment that combines this technology with radiofrequency. It blends radiofrequency heat energy with HIFEM using a patented electrode that is found in no other body-contouring device.
  • AIR-COOLING System – Air cooling system on handles, offer the best cooling result without Freon.
  • Multiple applicators work at the same time and you can also choose any one.
  • No operator monitoring.
  • Non-invasive body contouring.
  • No recovery period.
  • Expand new customers.
  • Air-cooling technology – Air-cooled technology can ensure that the machine works continuously for more than 10 hours without failure.

Why Choose the Portable EMS sculpt NEO Body Sculpt Machine?
Why Choose the Portable EMS sculpt NEO Body Sculpt Machine?

How To Purchase EMSculpt NEO Non Invasive Body Sculpting Machine?

The portable emsculpt Neo machines produced by PrettyLasers are very competitive in all markets.

We have many years of experience in equipment production and research, and our technology and skills are good enough to produce the equipment that best meets your needs. The quality justifies the price because the more experience you have the better your skill and technique.

We all know that you get what you pay for. The quality of our products is enough to match our price.

For any product, if the charge is lower than the market standard, it may be:

  •  Cutting corners which we’re not willing to cut;
  •  Lacking experience or skills;
  •  Not an effective clinical results;
  • Isn’t offering authentic emsculpt Neo machine.

You are welcome to inquire at any time. If you have any questions about emsculpt machines, we are happy to call you at any time, including but not limited to the product price (even if we have quoted you the price).  If you want to know more details, please directly fill the below form. Or you can contact us via WhatsApp.

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