Emsculpt Machine

Emsculpt Machine

Professional Emsculpt Machine can help you contour your body the way you want with no downtime or discomfort. Emsculpt is a breakthrough machine, offering non-invasive body contouring that eliminates fat and builds muscle. In a 30 minute session, the Emsculpt machine induces a whopping 20,000 muscle contractions in the area of treatment, the equivalent of doing the same number of crunches or squats. The most powerful technology to build MUSCLE and burn fat. Emsculpt is the only procedure that helps women and men build muscle and sculpt the body.

Ems sculpt machine
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professional emsculpt machine

portable emsculpt machine

portable hifem machine
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emsculpt machine
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It is based on High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) field technology which has the ability to induce Supermax muscle contractions. The rapidly changing magnetic field induces electric currents in the tissue where it depolarizes neural membranes and governs motor units in the target muscles, causing concentric contractions. The effects are highly selective; due to its physiological characteristics only motor neurons are activated, while other neurons or tissues are not responsive to the current, and therefore stay unaffected.

The 100% extreme muscle contraction of HIFEM technology can trigger a large amount of fat decomposition, Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulated in fat cells. The concentrations of fatty acids are too high, causing the fat cells to apoptosis, which is excreted by the body’s normal metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, sculpting machines can strengthen and increase muscle, and reduce fat at the same time.

High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) field technology
High-Intensity Focused Electro-Magnetic (HIFEM) field technology

What is emsculpt?

Emsculpt is the only non-invasive procedure to help both women and men build muscle and burn fat while contouring the body. The process works by directing High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy to the targeted area, forcing the muscles to contract in a way that is not possible through exercise. In response to these contractions, the muscle reconstructs itself, and fat in the area begins to melt away more easily. In addition, Emsculpt offers the world’s first non-invasive ‘butt lift’ procedure, effectively resulting in a leaner, more toned physique. By building muscle and reducing unwanted fat at the same time, patients who choose this treatment can enjoy a noticeably more defined shape.

How does it works?

Skin, fat, and Muscle form your overall body appearance, The non-invasive HIFEM procedure induces powerful muscle contractions not achievable through voluntary contractions.

When exposed to strong contractions, the muscle tissue is forced to adapt to such extreme conditions. It responds with a deep remodeling of its inner structure that results in muscle building and sculpting your body.

Build Muscle

Use HIFEM (High Energy Focused Electromagnetic Wave) technology to continuously expand and contract autologous muscles and carry out extreme training, so that the internal structure of the muscle can achieve deep remodeling, that is, the growth of muscle fibrils (muscle growth) and the production of new protein chains and muscle fibers ( Muscle hyperplasia) to train and increase muscle density and volume.

Fat Burning

The 100% extreme muscle contraction of HIFEM technology can cause a large amount of slight decomposition. Fatty acids are decomposed and broken down by triglycerides, which are accumulated in large numbers in accidental cells. The body’s normal metabolism is excreted.

Therefore, magnetic thinning can strengthen and increase muscles, and at the same time achieve the effect of reducing fat.

What can I expect from the results?

You begin to feel tangible results right after the treatment. Positive results are usually reported two to four weeks after the final session and continue to improve for several weeks following the treatments. You will likely need to undergo more than one treatment session to get ideal results. Muscle mass gained by Emsculpt treatment is not permanent but may last, on average, for six months or more. To help maintain your results, periodic or bi-monthly maintenance treatments are recommended.

The EMSCULPT benefits include:

  1. A 16% Average Increase in Muscle Mass
  2. A 19% Average Fat Reduction
  3. A 96% Average Patient Satisfaction

EMSCULPT gives you all the advantages of a tough gym workout but with all of the convenience of the latest technology, in a treatment that has very little risk. These reasons make it clear why EMSCULPT is one of the most popular and sought-after body sculpting treatments today.

Indications For Use

  • Builds muscle & Burns fat Together
  • Non-invasive buttock lifting procedure
  • Suitable for everyone – No anesthesia – No surgery4. Only a 30-minute walk in walk procedure
  • Only 4 sessions are needed 2-3 days apart
  • Feels like an intensive workout
  • Safe with No downtime
  • Instant results but gets better after two to four weeks9.16% average increase in muscle mass
  • 19% on average fat reduction

Emsculpt before and after

emsculpt before and after

emsculpt before and after

emsculpt before and after

emsculpt before and after

Why you choose Ems sculpt machine?

EMS sculpt burns FAT – AND builds muscle

This is obvious. Emsculpt is essentially basic training in a quick and comfortable cosmetic procedure. The muscle contractions produced by EMSCULPT strengthen the muscles and make you stronger.

EMS sculpt works in many areas of the body

EMSCULPT is not just for the abs; You can also have it on the thighs and buttocks, making it an excellent treatment for complete and lasting results.

An Emsculpt treatment is quick

You can receive a complete EMSCULPT treatment in just 30 minutes, making it not only a very effective treatment but also one that easily adapts to the busiest times. Ems sculpt is a true “lunchtime treatment”.

An Emsculpt treatment has no side-effects

EMS sculpts treat the culprit behind your body’s areas of concern, its fat cells, and leaves the adjacent cells unharmed, with no side effects, so you can enjoy your toned appearance seamlessly.

EMSsculpt is not painful

EMSsculpt feels like a workout because it is one. As HIFEM magnetic waves stimulate your muscles, you will feel them contract and contribute to your results – no invasive surgery or procedure is required. You will feel that EMSCULPT works but you will have no pain.

Quick and effective

EMS sculpt can decrease fat by 19% while also increasing abdominal muscle mass by 16%. These painless sessions take approximately 30 minutes and can be added or stacked onto other treatments such as CoolSculpting to give patients the tight, firm body they want.

No need to prepare for emsculpt

You won’t need to fast, change your diet, or, for that matter, do anything before your appointment date. Just arrive as is and get ready for a completely transformed new look.

Ems sculpt results are permanent

So there is one more reason to have emsculpt. Your emsculpt body contouring results are permanent; your body will not replace the treated fat cells. While you will not regain fat in the treated areas, continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle so that you do not regain fat elsewhere.

EMS sculpt has no downtime

You can leave your doctor’s office without restrictions on your activities after your EMSCULPT treatment. If you are looking for comfort in a body sculpting treatment, few treatments compare.

Emsculpt is a safe treatment

Emsculpt uses magnetic energy to achieve results for the client. This technology has very little risk, especially when an experienced cosmetic doctor.

What does it feel like?

The emsculpt procedure feels like an intensive workout. You can lie down and relax during the treatment.

Which parts of the body can be used ems beauty machine?

It can improve the muscle lines of the buttocks and abdomen, and also help to promote fat metabolism. The most suitable parts are the abdomen, buttock, triceps.

How much does an emsculpt machine cost?

From PrettyLasers, you can purchase emsculpt machine to keep up with your beauty salon business. Truth be told, I believe our offer is very reasonable. Discuss your requirement with us today by simply dialing +0086 15001300057 or writing to us at info@prettylasers.com, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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