Best Laser Devices Suitable For Both Face & Body Use

Best Laser Devices Suitable For Both Face & Body Use

If you are thinking about doing laser hair removal for your face or neck (generally it is recommended to only do Diode laser hair removal for areas downwards of the cheek, so the eyebrows and hair on your head are not included) you need to ensure that the device you are purchasing is cleared for face use by the FDA..

You need to be aware that many marketers & retailers do not give reliable information about whether a particular device is safe for face use (some are even confused themselves).


To save you some time, we have selected and reviewed 5 of the best products that are suitable for face use. Keep in mind that these devices can also be used on the body, even though each has its own pros and cons depending on which part of the body you intend to use it on.


If you’ve read my main article, you would know that the IPL6000 is one of my top picks for body hair removal, given it’s generous treatment window. Well, now IPL has finally released a model that is FDA cleared for facial hair removal (for female facial hair) with a facial treatment attachment included. What’s more, this new model includes a 65,000 flashes lifetime cartridge meaning there is no need for replacement cartridges anymore!


Among intense pulse light (IPL) systems, the iLight Pro series is one of the most powerful, capable of delivering up 7-8 J/cm2 of light energy. It also has a fairly large treatment head making it convenient to treat larger areas. If you are looking to remove hair from larger areas like the chest, legs and back, we strongly recommend this machine as it provides the best balance between power, cost and efficiency.




One of the strongest IPL hair removal machines available

Capable of permanent hair removal

Large treatment window of 3 cm2

No need to purchase replacement cartridge as a lifetime cartridge comes included with the system

Facial treatment cap included

FDA cleared

Can be used both on the face (below the cheeks) & body

Virtually painless compared to laser systems

Versatile: can be used for both face (below cheeks) and body treatment



With IPL systems, it may take a little longer to see results, as compared to professional laser treatments. Even though the advertisements say that results can be seen in as fast as 3 treatments, based on my experience with IPL systems, I would say that 6 to 8 sessions would give you a better gauge of the results. Also remember that hair grows in different phases and the pulse light only targets those hairs in the active phase, so consistent treatment over an extended period of time gives you the best chance of good results.